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You are creative, visionary, and entrepreneurial, and you are dedicated to a path of healing, exploration and expansion.

You desire to truly experience this one wild and magnificent life, however there are blocks in the way including past stories, undesirable behaviour, deeply intrenched patterns, unhelpful beliefs, unprocessed trauma, and shame.

You are curious to explore your multi-dimensional self in a safe, professional and loving space with an experienced practitioner.

You believe in magic and the possibility that the energy that keeps this enormous ball of Earth spinning in the middle of nowhere is vibrating out of each of your cells and is innately healing.

You are a 'yes' to trying new, profound ways of healing and alchemising the darkness into light.


You are ready to go for it. You aren't looking for weekly therapy or coaching. You want to deep dive into your inner world to reveal your magnificence.

Inspired?  Let's go deeper...



You are winning in many areas of your life but your intimate relationships are unfulfilling and you are craving connection and depth.

You have deeply ingrained beliefs about sex, intimacy and pleasure from your family, society, religion, the media and you are ready to heal. 

You want to explore different ways of expressing your sexuality that feel safe and authentic to you.

You want to learn how igniting this magic within you can transform your life from the inside out. 

You spent a large proportion of your life having, at best, mediocre sex and now you hear people talking about ecstasy, bliss and four hour sex sessions you want explore the possibility of that for yourself.


Body Alchemy 

You are ready to embrace the magnificence of your body as it is right now, not when you have reached size X.

You have dieted for 5+ years and you are ready to learn how to eat intuitively and nourish you body with food that lights you up.


You are ready for freedom around food and your body so that you can feel RADICALLY ALIVE.

You want to experience sex and pleasure without obsessing about what you look like and needing to do it with the lights off.

Me laughing.jpg


You feel a big shift happening within you, the fires of transformation are burning, the armor is coming off and the 'real you' is beginning to emerge. It feels vulnerable and overwhelming and yet exactly where you are meant to be.

You know there is some deep, dark yucky stuff that is holding you back, some past experiences that you haven't told anyone about and you know it is time to be brave and bring them to the light so that they can be healed and released. SPOILER ALERT: This is where the absolute magic is.

You are full of ideas, dreams, projects, and potential, you can feel it bubbling away underneath your shame and self-doubt, you just need someone to hold up the mirror and reflect your magnificence.

You desire more for yourself, more pleasure, more fun, more creativity, more self-expression, more love, more connection, more intimacy and you want to do it with someone whom you can trust, who has been in the fire over and over again, who can be your wing person guiding and cheering you on.


'I fear words cannot do justice to my experience with Amelia. From the moment I met with this amazing woman my entire being relaxed and melted in her presence. She has an unbelievable way of making you feel safe and cared for. Her calm, funny and loving demeanour helped me to see what lay beneath my over stimulated and frazzled self: a powerful priestess waiting to be seen! 

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