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Our greatest need as humans is to be seen, heard and loved, exactly as we are 


Tantra is a science and spiritual path that is thousands of years old. It originates from the Hindu and Buddhist traditions and some strands of it have been brought to the west and turned into what you see of tantra today.  Tantra is often connected just to sex, however this is a very small part of a vast and expansive subject of Tantra. It has been said that there are as many ways of practicing tantra as there are humans on the earth.

The essence of Tantra is very simple; Everything in existence is sacred.  What does that mean? It means that when we expand our awareness and get comfortable with being uncomfortable, we can find beauty in everything we do, experience, see and feel, including and most importantly through our bodies and though intimacy, firstly with ourselves and then with others.  The more we can bring light (awareness) to our humanness, the more expansive life becomes. 






By experiencing the fullest expression of our selves in all our majesty, then vital life force/ sexual/ creative energy is ignited and flows from the root to the crown.  This is when deep healing can occur.


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Tantra is the art of holding space for what is vulnerable 
- Shashi Solluna 
Tantra is the art of holding space for what is vulnerable 
- Shashi Solluna 
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What is Tantra?


Tantra is about saying YES to life, in all its glorious, messy, wonderful, imperfection

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