The ALCHEMY EXPERIENCE is a magical process of identifying and alchemising the outdated stories so that you can live a life of ease, joy, pleasure and abundance.


It is perfect for clearing old, outdated stories, and getting to the root of a certain issue(s) and healing it there.  

The Alchemy Experience has helped clients to:

- Heal the energetic imprint of past sexual trauma and abuse.

- Connect to deceased loved ones for healing, wisdom and guidance.

- Open to deep bliss and pleasure.

- Rebirth through shamanic ritual.

- Identify and heal the root cause of debilitating patterns from this and past lives.

- Chain break and clear ancestral burdens.

- Connect with Egyptian mystery teachings.

- Ignite sexual energy through multidimensional energy healing.

- Connect with spiritual healers, teachers and wisdom keepers.

Each session is unique and we will utilise the following healing modalities 

- Inner World Journeying

- Past Life Regression

- Quantum Healing

- Colour therapy

- Ritual and Ceremony

- Yoni/ Womb Journeying & Healing

- Sacred Touch Bodywork

- Heart Reclamation

The Alchemy Experince is also for diving in and exploring yourself at a deeper level to reveal the incredible treasure buried deep inside. You can come with a clear intention, or simply want to explore and find the magic within.

What does a session look like

We start with a cup of tea and 'emptying the basket'.  This is important time for you to adjust to new surroundings and for our energies to connect. During this time through relaxed chatting, an intention is usually revealed. I offer reflections and guidance based on what I intuit from our conversation. This is 45mins- 1 hour.

Then we will move to the therapy room where we will do inner world journeying to get to the root of your issue. During the journey you will experience the richness of your inner world, you will meet guides, and other unseen beings who are here to help you to heal.  If appropriate there will be bodywork, energy healing and breath work.  This will be consented by you before we begin.  This is 1.4-2 hours.

We finish with grounding, integration and sharing of insights. Usually there is new information for the client to process following the session. I will send a follow up email with further guidance. This is 20- 40 mins.

You will be welcomed into a space of non- judgement, radical healing and transformation where all of you is welcome.

The session will be lead by you and guided by me.

Past clients have likened this session to taking plant medicine, without the plant! 

Your investment is £333 

I work from my healing space in North West London (preferred) or online 

Please allow 3-4 hours.

Guidelines for your session:

  1. Please ensure you don't drink alcohol or take drugs 48 hours before or after the session.

  2. Please wear something comfortable that you can lie/ move easily in.

  3. Before the session, please take it easy. Taking time to contemplate your intentions for the session before you arrive will be beneficial and help us to get the ball rolling more quickly.

  4. After the session, please go gently home and take good care of yourself. The sessions can be deep and work on multiple layers of your being so you want to give yourself time to integrate.

  5. Ensure you eat healthy, light food the day before and after.

  6. Please ensure you drink plenty of water before and after the session.