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Sacred Yoni Healing 

Briony contacted me because she wanted to experience a yoni healing so that she could explore more loving relationship to herself.  She had been deepening her connection to her yoni and had gotten to a point where she was ready and felt confident to experience healing as an act of self love.


Throughout her late teens and 20’s Briony’d had many sexual experiences that were non consensual and although she had seen a therapist to work through the mental side effects of this trauma, she knew though her enquiry, that there were physical remnants of the trauma held in the cells of her yoni expressing though pain and numbness 


Briony was welcomed into a private, safe and sacred space.  After an introduction chat and a re-confirmation of what would happen during the ceremony, we opened the space with an opening ritual of eye gazing, intention setting and heart connection which allowed our nervous systems to co-regulate.  


To prepare the body for the yoni massage, I gave Briony a fully body massage to activate her parasympathetic nervous system thus leading her to a deeper state of healing.


With Briony's full consent, I then massaged her yoni externally and internally.  I invited her to focus on breath which would help release what was being held there. Briony indicated areas of sensation, pain and numbness and through gentle touch and energy healing these were released and healed.  At times, Briony had flashbacks and intense emotions that I supported her to express and release in the safe space we had created together.  By being held in a safe space, Briony was able to receive healing and release what no longer served her.


To complete the session, I led Briony into a meditation so that her body could integrate the healing that she had experienced.


When the session had finished, we shared our insights and I suggested further integration and embodiment practices to deepen her connection to herself.


Sacred Sexual Healing

In our initial consultation, Eddy expressed that he found it hard to establish a deep connection with women past the dating stage. He said that once the initial high subsided, no matter how much he liked the person he was dating, he would somehow sabotage it by using avoidance tactics and making up stories in his head about the other person.  He had recently met someone he really liked and didn’t want to repeat the same patterns.


The session 

After leading Eddy into a deep state of relaxation, I began to explore his body for signs of stuck energy.  My hands rested on his abdomen, just below his tummy button, where I could feel some density and emotion.I asked Eddy to breathe down into this area of his body. Initially he felt resistance and he said this breath didn’t want to go there and he felt numb.  I remind him that numbness is a feeling to remind his body that he is safe and that he doesn’t have to do anything he doesn’t want to do.

After more breaths, I could see Eddy’s face becoming contorted and I asked him what was present for him in that moment.  He said that he could see a large black heavy gloopy energy that was the consistency of mud.  Upon further enquiry, we discovered that the stuck energy was from a traumatic event that he had experienced in his late teens with an ex-girlfriend which had completely overwhelmed him and so to cope he had buried it deep in his body to forget it.


When we connected with this energy, Eddy was able to express the deep grief he felt over what had happened over 15 years ago.   In the safe space we had created together, Eddy was able to cry, shout, scream and rage all of the emotions he had been holding in his pelvis for so many years


We also deconstructed and reframed the belief that he was a ‘bad’ person for reacting and dealing with the event the way he did and the effects that this’d had on many aspects of his life.


We discovered that the reason he was unable to progress in a relationship was because his subconscious was still playing out the trauma and his life was being unconsciously directed by the false beliefs he had about himself which were implanted at a time when he didn’t have the knowledge or resources to process such a big event. 


Embodiment and trauma release 

Ella contacted me because she wanted to connect to her body.  She had experienced complex childhood trauma and her body was under constant scrutiny.  


The result of this was that Ella lived a very small, controlled life.  She didn’t want to be noticed, to take up space or live her life outside what she had created for herself out of fear.


She shared with me that she felt frozen and she believed that it was 'beyond impossible' to be able to move her body for fear of being seen. She realised that this wasn’t normal or healthy and wanted to change this story so that she could enjoy more of herself and in turn, her life.


During our first session, I initiated some gentle movement and Ella told me that she couldn’t do it. I asked her what conditions would make her feel safe and she told me that if we shut the curtains, turned the lights off and and I faced away from her, that she would be able to do it. 


Once she was comfortable with this, I initiated more expressive movement with her arms and legs which was met with more resistance and some tears. 


Slowly and safely, Ella began to move her body more confidently and before long, we were dancing together in the room, face to face… there were even a few smiles and laughs.


Alongside this, I also offered Ella gentle massage and bodywork to release the trauma held in her body and I gave her strategies to create a sense of safety within herself.


Through bravely dedicating herself to her healing, in a year Ella’s life has completely transformed out of all recognition.  She now regularly moves her body just for the pure pleasure of it, both in her bedroom and out in the world where she is ‘seen’ by many other people, she is curious and inspired by life’s magic and her new moto is to face her fears and do it anyway. 


Sacred Sexual Healing

Ben contacted me because he was dealing with stress, anxiety and overwhelm which was causing him to experience addictive behaviours, which lead to downward spirals of mental health and stressful personal relationships.


Like many who approach me, he said he ‘just knew’ I was the right practitioner for him and was curious to explore deeper parts of himself and the inner knowing that were was more to life than what he was experiencing.


Within ten minutes of the session starting, Ben’s kundalini* unexpectedly awoke.  He experienced strong bolts of electrical energy throughout his body, igniting the seven energy systems of the body and connecting him to intense cosmic energies.


My role during this session was reassure him that he was safe and through touch, intuitively unblock the areas of density in his body so that this energy could flow smoothly.


Ben has regular sessions together where he is able to safely explore and express this energy, release deeply embedded trauma and be held in an environment of love, connection and trust.



Kundalini is life-force energy that ignites transformation on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels.  In some people, it takes years of dedicated practice to awaken this energy and in others it can happen instantly and spontaneously.  The most important thing to know about this energy is that it cannot be forced, it must awaken naturally otherwise there can be uncomfortable side effects.


The result of the kundalini awakening is having a greater awareness of ones soul, life purpose and the nature of reality. The awakening often catalyses transformation and big life changes so it is not something to be taken lightly!

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