Welcome to

Sex Alchemy

A 12 week 1:1 online programme that will empower you to embody your sexuality, embrace your pleasure and ignite radical transformation in many areas of your life.

Sex Alchemy is for you if...

You've lost your libido (or perhaps you have never had one) and you feel like there is something wrong with you

You've lost the magic and wonder of life

You've had experiences that are keeping you stuck in the past

You feel your body is not capable of pleasure 

You know there is more to life than what you are experiencing

You cringe when you see sex scenes on TV

You avoid sex  and avoid being touched 'down there'.

You know that sex is something you 'should' enjoy but you don't

You feel shame around your sexual history

You have experienced sexually transmitted disease 

Are you ready to...

Alchemise your stories of shame into empowerment,  judgement into acceptance, fear into love, pain into pleasure and apathy into bliss.

Learn more about how pleasure can heal you from the inside out.

Cultivate deep and lasting self-love 

Learn the inner mechanisms to create safety in your body so that you can experince deeper states of pleasure

Understand and communicate your needs in and out of the bedroom.

Learn about the sex/spirit connection for your highest evolution

Deep dive into the different dimensions of your sexuality, including the light and the dark

Experience magnificent pleasure either on your own or with a partner

By committing to the Sex Alchemy programme (and beyond!) you can look forward to a future where you are ...

Free of old stories you tell yourself and empowered with new ones so that your sexual experiences (whether alone or with a partner) are pleasure-filled, blissful and expansive

In love with the magic of your body 

Conscious of what turns you on and off so you can tune into this and for yourself and communicate with a parter  

Deliciously orgasmic and turned on by life 

Energised and vibrant 

Intimately connected to your higher self and your spiritual support team

At the end of 12- weeks you will have acquired 

A valuable treasure trove of tools and techniques to heal, explore and expand

A new empowered story of who you are sexually

Increased energy and vitality that comes from within rather than  seeking it externally

New pathways to explore that will re-wire your system for more pleasure 

Increased self-confidence and body appreciation

An understanding of how the universal energetic principles exist within you and how you can utilise them for your sexual evolution

Effective ways to master your sexual energy to magnetise what you want into your life

A profound understanding of the power of your sexual energy for empowerment and transformation

A collection of magical self-pleasure practices to satisfy all four inner seasons

A deeper connection to your spiritual Self.

What is included.


1 x Opening ceremony and intention setting

6 x 60-minute healing sessions 

6 x Personalised meditations curated to your specific needs.

A fortnightly workbook with alchemical resources and life-changing practices 

A fortnightly personalised meditation curated to your specific needs

Voxxer support 

Cost: £1,500 

Welcome to Sex Alchemy.

I am absolutely delighted to be your guide.


Over 12 weeks we'll cover:


H E A L  


Releasing shame, guilt, judgment and fear around your sexuality

Re-writing your story about sex, intimacy and pleasure

Creating safety within your body to allow for expansion into pleasure

Understanding the nervous system in relation to sex and how to self  and co- regulate

Utilising your sexual energy to heal your body

Yoni and lingam healing practices

Emotional Release Techniques for shifting stagnant energy

E X P L O R E  

Cultivating profound love for yourself and your body regardless of your past 

Breaking through limitations

Radical self-pleasure practices 

Identifying and igniting new pleasure pathways

How to communicate your fears, desires and boundaries

Becoming acquainted with the masculine and feminine energies and how to harness them for healing and transformation


E X P A N D 

Awakening full orgasmic potential of the body

Identifying your edge as a catalyst for expansion

Meet your inner wisdom keeper

Igniting the seven energy centres for spiritual transformation

Experiences in expansion of consciousness

Self-pleasure practices for empowermentcreativity and abundance 

Sexual energy, also known as life force and creative energy, is the same energy that bought YOU and the universe into existence.


This incredible power has the potential to transform everything that isn't truthfully you into magnificence.


For too long we have been shamed, ridiculed, judged and feared for the expression of our sexuality and now it is time for a revolution.

Are you ready?