"Our sexual energy is the most misunderstood force in existence"

Your sexual energy is your super power.

When this incredible energy is consciously awakened it acts like a magical fire, burning away old patterns, conditioning and beliefs to reveal the magnificence of you.

Work with me

If you are ready to rewrite the stories that 

you tell yourself about your body, your pleasure and

sexuality and you are drawn to explore the majesty

of your inner world so that you can step into the

highest version of yourself, then I am here for you.

I am honoured to work with professional, 

entrepreneurial and visionary individuals and couples who want to experience the phenomenal power of their life-force energy as a catalyst for deep healing and transformation in many areas of life.

Each session, whether online or in person, is

grounded in the values of love, safety and



I will always meet you where you are and we will

go from there.  You are your own best healer, I am simply a guide to bring you home to this truth.

Initial Consultation (online)  

£80/ 60 Mins* 

All new clients are required to book in an initial consultation before an in person session

During your initial consultation I will ask you what bought you to want to experience Sacred Sexual Healing and we will discuss your specific issues, intentions and desired outcome. I will also gather information about your history, your health background and any allergies and medications.

Together we will put together a plan of action to ensure you achieve your goals and desired outcome.

During the initial consultation I often share valuable insights and practices for your healing and development.


Sacred Sexual Healing (in person)    

£250/ 2 hours   £350/ 3 hours 

Each session starts with a conversation about boundaries, consent, fears and desires.  Then we will open the space with an eye gazing ritual to connect our hearts. Following this is bodywork*/ breath work/ movement/ massage, curated to your specific needs. This is often when intense feelings, thoughts and emotions may arise to be felt, healed and integrated. All is welcome. To bring the session to a close, I will share with an integration meditation so that you absorb the benefits of the work. To finish you will be invited to share your experience.

*De- armouring, yoni healing, lingam healing and prostate massage


Sacred Sexual Healing / Intuitive Healing  (online)  

£120/ 90 minutes

Many issues around sexuality, body and pleasure are because of the storie we tell ourselves,  our past experiences and repressed emotions.

Online tantra therapy is extremely effective for alchemising these stories from lead into gold.

I combined a finely tuned intuition with guided visualisation, NLP, coaching practices and spiritual guidance to bring you clarity, confidence and empowerment


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