How to work with me

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The ALCHEMY EXPERIENCE is a process of identifying and releasing the stories that are preventing you from living the life that you wish to live.


This is perfect if you want to get to the root of a certain issue or if you want to dive in and explore yourself at a deeper level.

You will be welcomed into a space of non- judgement, radical healing and transformation where all of you is welcome.

The session will be lead by you and guided by me.

Past clients have likened this session to taking plant medicine, without the plant! 


Bodywork - Past Life Regression/ Ancestral healing- Movement/ Embodiment practices- Inner child Healing- Breathwork -Guided visualisation- Emotional release techniques-

Soul/ Heart Retrieval.

£333 in person/ £222 online

I work from my healing space in North West London

Please allow 3-4 hours

'Words cannot do justice to my experience with Amelia. From the moment I met with this amazing woman my entire being relaxed and melted in her presence. She has an unbelievable way of making you feel safe and cared for. Her calm, funny and loving demeanour helped me to see what lay beneath my over stimulated and frazzled self: a powerful priestess waiting to be seen! 

Alchemy Session Client.


3 Month Alchemy Adventure

There is no time like the present to transform your life and step into your magnificence.  

You have everything you need inside of you to heal, explore and expand into the greatest version of yourself and I am delighted to be your guide.

Together we will alchemise pain into pleasure, shame into love, poison into nectar, fear into joy, stagnancy into bliss.

This is an intensive healing of the parts of you which are holding you back and an awakening of your true self.

This Adventure includes:

6 x Alchemy Experiences

6 x Powerful practices and rituals

6 x Quantum Healing meditations 

Weekly support on Voxxer


'Amelia, I am so grateful for you- your love, your work, your support, your brutal honesty, your nurturing and your wisdom.

You have paved the way for me to come home to myself and love myself just as i am- I am not sure there is anything more important. I can't thank you enough'.

Alchemy Adventure Client.

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Temple + Wand Membership

The easiest and quickest way to work with me, for fraction of the price.


In your own online portal you will receive a potent and magical collection of meditations, rituals, transmissions and practices to help you heal, explore and awaken your spirit and sex, plus there will be a live monthly Q and A where you can ask me anything!

£33/ Month