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Sacred Yoni Healing  in London  

''Amelia gave me the best yoni massage I have ever received''. 


Amy White, Founder of Temple of the Feminine, (Watch Amy's full review here)

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Do you feel ashamed of your yoni?

Are you experiencing pain or numbness?

Are you looking to heal past sexual trauma in a safe and judgement-free environment?

As a yoni healer and masseuse, I have worked with many, many women who have experienced trauma and disconnection to their yoni and have radically transformed their relationship not only their yoni but their entire body through this modality of healing.

How do I know if I need a yoni healing?

You experience pain/numbness during sex

You have experienced sexual trauma 

You struggle to reach orgasm

You have had sex when you weren't a full yes

You struggle to connect intimately to your partner.

All of these things can cause physical, emotional, and spiritual blockages and difficulties experiencing the full spectrum of pleasure available.


What are the benefits of Sacred Yoni Healing?

  • Releases trauma and tension

  • Reconnects you to our feminine power 

  • Increases sensitivity

  • Heals sexual dysfunction

  • Deeply healing for body, mind and spirit.

  • Increases self- love and intimacy

  • Releases toxins and stagnant energy

  • Helps to overcome frigidity and shame 

  • A safe place to connect to your pleasure

Let's connect!

Cultivating a healthy, loving respectful relationship to your yoni ignites your radiance and feminine essence, your ability to self heal, self-confidence, longevity, resilience and of course, pleasure. 


"Entrusting my body to Amelia, & a part of me so sacred, was so easy - she created such a beautiful experience from start to end. My feminine & I were bathed in deep love & adoration. We softened, opened and melted with the exquisite tenderness, respect, and care Amelia creates throughout the Yoni Massage Journey. I felt deeply honoured and held. It was the first Yoni Massage I have ever had and can't imagine getting another one from anyone else - she has set the bar high! Amelia's intuitive touch and skill made the three hour experience feel like a powerful and beautiful body celebration - I never wanted it to end... I can't recommend this incredible womxn enough!"

Fiona McCoss- Woman's Empowerment Mentor

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