Sacred Yoni Healing  in London  

''Amelia gave me the best yoni massage I have ever received''. 


Amy White, Founder of Temple of the Feminine, (Watch Amy's full review here)

Do you experience sexual dysfunction and (or) pain/ numbness in your yoni?

Do you believe there is more pleasure available to you than what you are currently experiencing?

Are you feeling shame and judgement towards your yoni because of past experiences?


If you answered 'yes' to any of the above then you are absolutely not alone and I am honoured to offer a safe place for you to heal and connect to yourself in a new, empowered way.

Yoni is a beautiful Sanskrit word for the female genitals and reproductive organs. For many thousands of years the yoni has been revered, honoured and worshipped as the seat of feminine (shakti) power and a space of wisdom, creativity and healing   

Every human being who has ever walked this earth, came into existence via the yoni.


In today's society the sanctity of the yoni has been forgotten and many women are experiencing numbness, trauma, pain and disconnected from the most sacred part of their body.

Cultivating a healthy, loving respectful relationship to your yoni ignites your radiance and feminine essence, your ability to self heal, self-confidence, longevity, resilience and of course, pleasure.

Sacred Yoni Healing is a safe, judgement-free, loving space that is an invitation to heal, explore and expand into the greatness of you as a divine human being.  


What are the benefits of Sacred Yoni Healing?

  • Releases trauma and tension

  • Reconnects you to our feminine power 

  • Increases sensitivity

  • Heals sexual dysfunction

  • Deeply healing for body, mind and spirit.

  • Increases self- love and intimacy

  • Releases toxins and stagnant energy

  • Helps to overcome frigidity and shame 

  • A safe place to connect to your pleasure

Let's connect!

What to expect during your 3 hour Sacred Yoni Healing Session:

Introduction: We will start with an introduction where I will guide you through exactly what is going to happen during the healing. The most important aspect of the session is that you feel safe and relaxed. Many clients feel nervous at the beginning however this quickly subsides after the introduction. Here we will talk about fears, desires, boundaries and consent so that you are assured that nothing will be done without your full 'yes'.


Opening ritual: We will sit opposite each other and eye gaze, this can feel awkward at the beginning however many clients say it helps them to feel more calm and relaxed as our nervous systems co- regulate


The Celebration of You:  Depending on how comfortable you feel , I offer a ritual where you will be honoured from head to toe with words and touch of love and adoration. This is an incredibly powerful and healing experience which can feel a little overwhelming at first but soon becomes empowering as latent energies in the body awaken.


Feather Healing: I will then invite you to lie down and I will use a beautiful large feather to awaken your body to sensation. It is a gentle experience that will activate your parasympathetic nervous system so that your body becomes receptive to the deep healing.


Full body massage:  Then I will start a full body massage with varied nourishing strokes to release oxytocin throughout the body and this will prepare the body for the yoni healing.


Yoni Activation: Before starting the healing, we will do a short meditation and breathwork together and energetically connect and ask permission for the healing to happen. 


Yoni healing: Your body will hopefully be feeling deeply relaxed, safe and in the space to receive the maximum benefits. With your full consent I will place my hands gently on your vulva in pure presence, love and non-judgement.  Then I will massage the external area of your vulva and when you are ready I will commence the internal massage.  I will invite you to breathe in a certain way to circulate your energy and to verbalise and sound your feelings and sensations. During the healing you may feel emotions arise as the body releases stuck and stagnant energy. You may also remember memories from the past which arise to be felt and healed. You may feel these intensely, or you may feel nothing, especially during your first session. Everything is welcome and you will be received with absolute non- judgement.  The best thing is to have no expectations for the session.


Closing meditation: We will close the healing with a short meditation and after this I will cover you with a soft blanket so that you can integrate the experience.


Sharing: Finally I will invite you to share your insights, feelings, emotions to help process the experience.

Your investment: £250

"Entrusting my body to Amelia, & a part of me so sacred, was so easy - she created such a beautiful experience from start to end. My feminine & I were bathed in deep love & adoration. We softened, opened and melted with the exquisite tenderness, respect, and care Amelia creates throughout the Yoni Massage Journey. I felt deeply honoured and held. It was the first Yoni Massage I have ever had and can't imagine getting another one from anyone else - she has set the bar high! Amelia's intuitive touch and skill made the three hour experience feel like a powerful and beautiful body celebration - I never wanted it to end... I can't recommend this incredible womxn enough!"

Fiona McCoss- Woman's Empowerment Mentor