Sacred Sexual Healing (London and Online)

K I N D  W O R  D S 

''I felt extremely safe and secure working with you and this enabled me to explore the very deep level of some extremely sensitive areas, taking work I had done before to much further point. I am extremely grateful for your time, energy and professional approach to healing.'' William

Are you experiencing sexual dysfunction?

Is something stopping you from experiencing the fullest expression of your pleasure? 

Do you want to rewrite outdated stories you tell yourself about your sexuality?

We live in a world where there is a lot of woundedness around sex, pleasure and intimacy and the divine sexual, creative, life-force energy that bought every human being into existence is repressed under layers of shame, conditioning, fear and judgement.  

This can have an adverse effect on many areas of life.

The challenges you are experiencing are the gateway to exploring new dimensions of your sexuality and pleasure which will likely have a positive effect on many areas of your life.


Each Sacred Sexual Healing session weaves together energy healing, conscious touch, coaching,

guided visualisation, meditation and bodywork where appropriate. 

The benefits of Sacred Sexual Healing



  • Being liberated of shame, judgement, guilt and fear around your sexuality, pleasure and intimacy

  • Being in a safe space where you can be completely you.

  • Identifying blocks to experiencing pleasure and releasing them with breath, movement and sound.

  • Exploring the unlimited pleasure of the body without reaching for a goal

  • Healing sexual dysfunction

  • Learning effective practices and techniques to develop an intimate relationship with yourself

  • Learning  to create safety in your body thorough understanding the nervous system

  • Experiencing a blissful state of peace and relaxation

  • A deeper spiritual connection to source energy

  • Learning to control sexual urges and transmute this energy throughout the body for healing and expanded states of consciousness

  • Being aware of and confident in stating your boundaries and your ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘maybe’

  • Having a deeper sensitivity and awareness of your body rather than taking compulsive action

  • Learning about the masculine and feminine energies and how they can enhance your life and realtionships 



 ''Amelia's energy is a gift from nature.  

It is nurturing, sensual and so uplifting.

Amelia is extremely skilled at understanding her clients needs and by using her unique skills and expertise she manages to make you feel safe while exploring emotions, sexuality and the body's intelligence.

Each session is unique and I always feel safe and emotionally held.

Regular sessions with Amelia has helped me to approach traumas differently as well as starting a powerful healing journey.''