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 Sacred Lingam Healing in London

"The amazing session with you gave me a space to be me, a space to surrender and a space to be held. Your soft and motherly energy gave me emotional safety where I could put away the armour and protection and be welcomed with all of my shadows. 

​You created a space of beauty, of love and presence and I am so grateful for that.


Thank you so much.'' ​  



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Are you experiencing sexual dysfunction?

Do you want to feel more energised, confident, and empowered?

Is something preventing you from experiencing your full pleasure potential?

The worldwide prevalence of erectile dysfunction in men is expected to increase to

322 million men by 2025.  I believe this is partly due to the disconnection from the sanctity of our pleasure and sexual energy.

Sacred Lingam Healing is a journey inwards, to explore yourself in a new and empowering way, to release what no longer serves you, and to master your energies in a way that will transform your life.

Lingam is the Sanskrit word for penis

and translates to "Wand of Light''

Due to many factors, including societal conditioning,

the porn industry and religion,

some men experience low self-confidence and

self-esteem,  sexual dysfunction

and feelings of shame towards this part of their body.

Sacred Lingam Healing is for you if:

You feel disconnected from your sexuality

You have experineced a toxic relationships (s)

You lack confidence and self esteem

You are nervous but intrigued

You have experienced trauma in your lingam (e.g a medical procdeure or a sports injury)

You are experiencing sexual dysfunction and are looking for an alternative approach to healing.

You want to explore your potential for pleasure 

You are interested in learning about ejaculation choice 

You want to explore your pleasure potential as a catalyst for transformation

Sacred Lingam Healing is an invitation to receive healing through a number of alchemical practices including gentle bodywork, zen coaching, visualisation, breathwork and energy healing. 


You will be supported to release repressed emotions, stress, and trauma

and increase energy, vitality, self-esteem, and confidence.


A number of Sacred Lingam Healing sessions will help you heal sexual dysfunction including premature ejaculation and impotence and also improve sleep and blood circulation

and eliminate pent-up tension in the body.

It is also likely that the results of Sacred Lingam Healing will help you develop in many other areas of your life including more confidence in intimacy, greater success in your career, better relationships, improved health, and rejuvenation of your body.





Please note: This is a sacred therapeutic healing session and not a sexual service. This is a unique invitation for you to receive, heal and awaken the energy inside you for radical transformation.

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