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Are you ready for a new adventure?

One that will take you deeper and wilder than you have ever been before.

An adventure with others who are ready to dive into the magic and mystery.

An adventure of sexuality and sovereignty.

An adventure of expression, expansion and empowerment.

An adventure to meet the most powerful parts of you.

An adventure to embody your Queen self.


''I fear words cannot do justice to my experience with Amelia. From the moment I met with this amazing woman my entire being relaxed and melted in her presence. She has an unbelievable way of making you feel safe and cared for. Her calm, funny and loving demeanor helped me to see what lay beneath my overstimulated and frazzled self: a powerful priestess waiting to be seen!'' 

Emma, Senior Nurse

Dear Queen

I am so delighted that you want explore further into The Queen Coven.


Together we will be diving deep into the mystery,

the void which birthed creation.

Expect miracles, insights, awakenings and realisations a plenty!


The most empowered, sovereign, embodied version of you awaits.

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''In life, people arrive and teach you how to grow, Amelia is one of these people for me. Honest, open, caring, supportive and funny, Amelia is a person who will hold you in your darkest moments and laugh with you until the tears roll down your cheeks. She has such a wide knowledge of so many different things and she makes it accessible in the way in which she treats you and holds space for you. Thank you Amelia for being a guide.'' 

Emma, Writer

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Imagine this...

Instead of depending on others for guidance, you have 24/7 access to you own 'Inner A Team' who have direct access to all of the wisdom, guidance and support for your own unique highest potential.



Instead of being thrown into the pit of fear, every time you share your gifts, you have a plethora of ways to regulate your nervous system and share from a place of expansion rather than contraction.



Instead of using outdated ways to bring abundance into your life, you learn to master your energy to call in your hearts desires that feel pleasurable, exciting and expanding.


Instead of waiting for validation and outsourcing your power to others, you have an overflow of internal power which propels you forward with confidence, clarity and conviction.


Instead of doing everything alone, you have a coven of incredible women cheering you on.




In the utter magnificence of who you are

It's beautiful

It's powerful

It's creative and filled with the essence of truth

Shine in. Shine out

Just as you are meant to.

Why make a life of hiding? of playing small to please others?

Being yourself is life. It's art.

It's the raw, juicy masterpiece.

So go, be that masterpiece

Be exactly who you are


Sarah Louise Harvey

The Queen Coven is for you if:


You are ready for radical transformation and to awaken your inner power that depends on no one but you.


You are ready to deep dive into the mystery of you and connect to your inner spiritual A team for guidance, support and wisdom.


You are ready to authentically express your truth in the world and share your gifts proudly.


You know deep down you have potent magic/gifts/treasure to share with the world, but you find yourself holding because you feel scared to be seen in the fullness of you. 


You have been on a healing and personal development path for 2+ years and you are looking for a radical next step that will clearly show you the next right steps.


You often feel alone on the path and are looking for a sisterhood of kindred spirits.


You are ready to step up to the throne and claim your sovereignty.

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Our seven month journey will align with the seven chakras of the body.


The chakras are powerful energy centres that will clear and energise as we

co-create with their divine intelligence.


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The Body



Sex and Eros


Solar Plexus.





Love and compassion



Voice and self expression


Third Eye.

Intuition and guidance



Queen/ The Universe

''Amelia guided me through the hardest time in my life, separating from a long and happy marriage that had been damaged by lack of intimacy and truthfulness. Even if Amelia and I only met virtually for our sessions I felt an instant connection, she lifted me up from holes of misery and shame to glorious baths of love. Honestly! Amelia is heavenly and brought my mind to peace, using her treasure chest full of tools.'' 


- Linda, Sustainability Manager

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Your experience in

The Queen Coven includes:


Starting on the first New Moon of 2023 

21st January at 6pm


Monthly 'Inner World Adventures' and transmissions led by Amelia, to explore your deepest treasure and greatest multidimensional support. You’ll meet your Inner High Priestess, Your Inner Healer, Your Inner King and a whole collection of other beings who are longing to connect with you and support your evolution and expansion.


Three 1 hour 1:1 healing session with Amelia.


Monthly guest workshops with fabulous and inspiring luminaries.


Monthly online Queen gatherings for sharing, connection and Q+A.


A wildcard week per month for magic and surprise guests.


An in-person weekend gathering in London in August for the closing circle, and photoshoot.



"Tell me what it is you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

Mary Oliver

Meet the Luminaries

Screenshot 2023-01-04 at 18.00.07.png

Sabi Kerr

Self Love +

Business Coach

Screenshot 2023-01-04 at 18.27.45.png

Amy White

Founder of Temple of The Feminine

Erotic Alchemy - An Orgasmic Manifestation Ritual

Screenshot 2023-01-04 at 18.31.48.png

Fiona McCoss

Women's Mentor +

Embodiment Coach
Activating the Dark Feminine

Screenshot 2023-01-04 at 18.49.41.png

Elle Bungay

Sensual Empowerment Photographer

Immortalising the

Queens Photoshoot

Screenshot 2023-01-04 at 18.39.44.png

David Chambers

Dating + Intimacy Coach

Healing the


Screenshot 2023-01-04 at 18.44.35.png

Estelle Bingham

Holistic Therapist, Healer + Author

Strengthening Intuition + Connecting to Guides

Screenshot 2023-01-04 at 18.47.58.png

Isik Tlarbar

Empowerment + Breathwork Coach

Transformational Shamanic Breathwork

By saying yes to joining The Queen Coven you can look forward to...


Expansive and empowering experiences as you connect deeply to the richness of your inner world, your body, your sexuality & your sovereignty.


Activation and celebration of your Inner Queen so that you can truly take your throne.


Amplification of your business through an embodied connection to your business and your sexual, creative, lifeforce energy.

A deeper understanding of yourself and your hidden treasure.

Seven months (and hopefully longer!) of friendship, exploration, adventure and depth with 12 phenomenal, successful, entrepreneurial, deep, wise and fabulous women.


A reunion with your Inner King for alchemical healing and support.

A profound connection to your inner knowing and confident ‘next step’.

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A monthly inner world adventure with Amelia with integration support.


Three 1 hour 1:1 healing session with Amelia.


A monthly workshop with 'The Luminaries'.

A facebook group for questions and connection with the Queens.

A monthly Q+A group gathering online.

A mini photoshoot in London to 'Immortalise the Queens' - August.

An in-person gathering and closing circle in London - August.


A smorgasbord of magic and wonder delivered weekly by Amelia.

A years access to all of the materials / workshops.

Your investment to join

The Queen Coven


Pay in full

£1111 x2
Pay 2 instalments

£555 x4
Pay 4 instalments

We open The Queen Coven on the first New Moon of 2023 

21st January at 6pm

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The question is...

Do you choose to step into the mystery and be part of The Queen Coven?


Do you choose to take your rightful place with this group of magnificent, bold, courageous, radiant women?


Do you choose to deepen, expand, grow and explore your hidden treasure?

Do you choose to dive into the darkness to reveal the most incredible light?

Do you choose to step into the truth of who you fully are. Your Queen Self?


The decision is yours.

Have questions? Email Amelia!

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