Why I do Sacred Lingam Healing?

I must admit, there are a million careers I would have imagined myself doing before Sacred Lingam Healing. It couldn't be further from my background working in the luxury industry however the magic of life led me to the life- changing experience of a tantra therapist training with Lin Holmquist, one of the worlds most renowned and respected tantra educators. It was here that I witnessed many profound experiences but the most sacred and beautiful interaction, along with yoni healing, was Lingam Healing.

The healing therapy given to a man who was kindly willing to be observed for our training. His problem was that he had a traumatic experience as a child where his lingam was misshapen which meant that age seven he had to have surgery. Prior to the surgery, his mother (and her friends) ridiculed his lingam and as a result he had deeply engrained trauma and shame which had caused problems in later life.

The session started with the therapist (my teacher) and the client sitting opposite each other stating their fears, desires, boundaries and consent (the foundation of every tantra therapy session). The client said he wasn't sure where his boundaries were so the therapist chose a number of key areas on the body to come close to where the client could say with a firm yes or no, if he was happy to be touched there. This enabled the client to be sure that he and the therapist knew where to touch and where not to touch.

Then the therapist and client connected with an opening ritual of eye-gazing and heart connection to relax the client and allow him to feel safe in the space with the therapist.

What followed was a beautiful dance of intuition, touch, breathwork and sound. The teacher moved the clients body and skilfully touched various trigger points which allowed him to released deeply held emotions. There were moments of anger, rage, and grief as the therapist guided him through the healing. He was encouraged to voice the feelings he felt arising within him, in whatever manner they came to the surface. The therapist skilfully worked on the fascia around his lingam to release stuck energy, which caused the client to release more emotions. Towards the end, the teacher held the clients lingam in her hands in pure presence and connection. Finally the client was covered in a blanket and allowed to rest and integrate the experience.

The client said the healing was the most powerful experience he had ever had. In a safe, professional and non-judgemental environment, he was able to express his anger, release the repressed emotions, move the stagnant energy and receive the loving energy from the therapist. He said that he felt so much lighter, more relaxed and vibrant after the session.

The session from beginning to end was a skilled, respectful and compassionate interaction between the therapist and client which allowed him to heal on multiple levels. It was an honour to witness a man being held in a space by a women, transforming & releasing emotions that were deeply held within him. The experience affected me so profoundly that I knew after that session that I wanted to create safe and professional spaces for men to heal the most sacred part of their body and I am extremely grateful for the training that has given me the skills to do so.

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