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S1. E9 The effects of the patriarchy, supporting each other and communication with David Chambers

David champions authentic dating, healthy masculinity and conscious sexuality/ tantra. His podcast is a brilliant resource for men and women!

We’ll be discussing the effects of the patriarchy on men, how we can support each other to ‘do better’ and how to communicate new boundaries in a relationship.

I’ve listened to David on his podcast and a few others and he is wealth of knowledge and wisdom and his words are empowering for everyone!


We chatted about the effects of the patriarchy on men (including the James Bond effect), how we can support ‘each other to ‘do better and how to speak about new ideas in a relationship.

David shared some excellent (possibly relationship saving!!) communication techniques.

David also shared a little about his journey into Tantra and the positive effects it has had on his life.

I’m so so grateful for David and his generosity in sharing so much wisdom.


Find David and @authenticdatingseries

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