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S1. E7 Healing through pleasure, play and reclaiming your 'too muhnesss' with Madame Gigi

Madame Gi Gi @madamegigi_1 is here to empower womxn to reconnect with their sexuality, sensuality, spirituality & desires to awaken to their full potential! Gi Gi is an Activator who does not mess around! For too long womxn have been silenced, dominated, suffocated & oppressed, there is no more time to wait.. the world needs liberated womxn more than ever, womxn ready to lead, to step out as their turned on & lit up authentic selves to heal the world! Yes... this is a whole new era & Gi Gi is here to ignite the juju in YOU!

We chatted about pleasure, pussy and play as being radical healing tools for the feminine. We also dived in to social media and how this is a baptism of fire when it comes to self expression! We spoke about how Madame Gi Gi healed her fear of ‘too muchness’ by accessing her inner creativity and stepping into the person she has always been underneath.


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