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S1. E6 Love addiction, root cause of pain and vulnerability with Aleah Ava

Aleah is a Deep Feeling and Tantra Therapist who specializes in love addiction. She is Founder of The Royal Path, creator of the Emotional Recycling Method and Host of the Addicted to Love podcast.

Aleah was a love addict who went from one unhealthy relationship to another and as a result decided to take matters into her own hands through many years of healing and therapy.

She is now in a beautiful healthy relationship and teaches and guides from her direct experience as well as years of training and personal development.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, love addiction affects most of us at some point of our lives due to our childhood experiences of abandonment and rejection from our parents who didn't know any better or have the knowledge or tools at the time.

Aleah is a fountain of knowledge and wisdom and I have no doubt that this conversation will strike a chord or two... it certainly does with me!

This was an extremely powerful conversation where we covered so much, including

☀️ spotting the signs of love addiction

☀️what to do if you feel you are addicted to love

☀️how avoidant or enmeshed parenting styles lead to anxious and avoidant attachment styles

☀️how important it is to get to the root cause of pain

☀️ important it is to FEEL your feelings and understand them as a gift of being human

☀️the power of vulnerability and expressing our needs.

This was incredible and so generous of Aleah to share the knowledge and wisdom she has gathered from over 10 years of her own healing and personal development.

Please check out her website and all of her wonderful offerings!

Thank you Aleah 💗💗💗


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