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S1. E4 Self love with Sabi Kerr

I absolutely adored this juicy conversation about self love with Sabi. This is a topic which is so close to my heart. I love the way Sabi speaks about self love being about coming home to the most authentic and radiant version of yourself.

We speak about following curiosity as a method of self love, as well as the ripple effect it has in every area of life. She shares that the deeper energetics of self love are really about being intimate with yourself and using mirror work as a way to do this. We finished with a great chat about money and abundance and charging our worth as spiritual entrepreneurs (which can sometimes be challenging!!)

Sabi has two brilliant offerings 1) Release your Radiance, which is a 8 week course on self love where she supports her clients to re- write old stories and release their raidance

2) The Abundance Activation which is a workshop about releasing shame and money stories so that you can attract the abundance you deserve.

All the details can be found on her website


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