S1. E2 Sexual healing, masculine and feminine energy and using emotions with Amy White

Amy White @templeofthefeminine is a s*xual healing and feminine awakening coach, crystal yoni tool provider and Founder of Temple of the Feminine.

Amy is known for her enlightening and educational content on her social media channels on the concepts of feminine and masculine energy as well as conscious s*xuality for the mind, body and soul.

Any facilitates transformational group courses, 1-1 mentorship programmes and her signature Feminine Awakening Classes and S*x Magic Rituals.


Amy generously shares the story of how she got into the work of s*xual healing and feminine awakening.

We dive deep into s*xual healing, masculine and feminine energy, and how important it is to feel and move emotions through the body as an expression of our lifeforce.

Amy also kindly shares her knowledge, wisdom vulnerability in sharing some of the deeper parts of her past relationships with respect to shifting from the feminine to the masculine role.

Happy watching! https://www.instagram.com/p/CKzB1sil0B1/

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