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S1. E17 Communication, having hard conversations and improving your sex life with Tugce Balik


Tugce @tugcebalik is an Intimacy and S*x Coach and we’ll be diving into communication and how we can keep our s*x life alive.

If you have ever had one of those ‘wall of terror’ moments before expressing your needs then this is for you! Or if you are in a relationship that needs a bit of a spruce up, there will certainly be something here for you too. In fact this is a convo for everyone!

A brilliant conversation that was packed to the gunnels with brilliant advice and suggestions. Tugce share about how to prepare, execute and close a conversation about expressing needs, desires and boundaries. We also touch on what to do if your partner doesn’t want to talk about it despite doing everything to prepare.

Tugce also shared some fantastic ways to improve your s*x life wether you are in a new or long term relationship.

I really feel this conversation is GOLD and full of potentially relationship saving nuggets of wisdom.

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