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S1. E14 Birth, trauma, mentoring and forging your own path with Laura Swann

It was such a joy to chat with my wonderful friend and completely brilliant wise woman Laura @_laura_swann_.

Laura is a birth keeper and matriarchal mentor to women who are ready to heal and embody their sovereignty!

We spoke about so much including

⭐️Laura’s journey of healing the traumatic relationship with her mother and going on to have a beautiful home birth with her son

⭐️being a mentor for others

⭐️ the amazing relationship she had with her divine masculine father who showed her the way

⭐️ The difference between birth keeping and being a doula

⭐️Being a grounded channel for source energy both in birth and s*xual healing

⭐️Jumping off the cliff and forging your own path

⭐️ Being aligned and working with clients who resonate with your energy

⭐️ the magic of healing!

Connect with Laura here


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