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S1. E12 Trusting your body, intuitive eating and surrender with Caroline Fearns

Caroline @healingforshe is a woman who’s wisdom runs so deep and is shared through her amazing writing and her talents as a healer and therapist.

I’ve been following and admiring Caroline from afar for months when I saw a video she posted about her healing journey and we met yesterday and it was completely magical.

We have similar body/ diet stories and have found healing through spirituality, intuitive eating and surprise surprise, gaining weight! I will probably almost definitely cry during this call as I did yesterday becuase this is a subject that brings up a lot of emotion for me not only because of the trauma I went through being on a diet for 20 years but the healing that has occurred through surrendering to a power greater than my mind... my body.

We chatted about

⭐️ trusting your body after so many years of not

⭐️ the insidious nature of diet culture

⭐️ how to have compassion for yourself through weight gain

⭐️ how to express anger and rage for the life lost due to dieting

⭐️ the importance of women coming together to support each other

Caroline is such a beautiful soul, listening to her will feel like being wrapped in a shawl of love.... it was for me anyway!


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