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Updated: Oct 24, 2020

I am tantra therapist, intuitive healer and spiritual guide but if you had told me in 2014 that I would be writing those words, I would have tutted in disbelief because at that time I was eyeballs deep in depression, disordered eating and a debilitating fear of intimacy and sex.

For the latter part of my 20’s I believed I was headed for an 'International Business Woman of the Year' level of success.  I co-owned a company in Knightsbridge in London but after two years and for the reasons above, I spectacularly fell from grace and I entered my first dark night of the soul. I lost the career that I had spent 10 years building, my partner who I believed was ‘the one’, and a new home that we had just bought together. 

At 31, this felt like utter failure but now I know that this was divine intervention.

In January 2016 I travelled to the depths of the Costa Rican jungle to complete a transformational yoga teacher training at The Sanctuary at Two Rivers, where I gained a holistic understanding of the physical movement of yoga and the philosophical and practical guidelines of living a good life.  It was also the beginning of my spiritual awakening which little did I know at the time, was going to be quite a ride.  

I came back to London, inspired to become 'London's best and most successful yoga teacher' but instead I hid in my bedroom because all I wanted to do was chant mantras and eat vegetables. So I packed up my life in London for good and travelled to India to expand my knowledge of Ayurveda, yoga and meditation and to complete a pancha karma (an Ayurvedic cleanse) and I also spent time at the Sivananda Ashram delving deeper into the realms of spirituality.   

I then returned to the UK to take up an apprenticeship at The Clover Mill (the UK's first luxury Ayurvedic retreat) and to teach yoga. Under the kind guidance of Dr Julie Dent, I learnt how to cook incredible Ayurvedic food to heal the body and where I was able to attend inspirational healing courses and dive deeper into my own self enquiry. 

This magical odyssey then lead me to a three month stay at Trill Farm, a 300 acre organic farm on the Dorset/Devon boarder, owned by Romy Fraser OBE (founder of Neal's Yard Remedies) where I volunteered, taught yoga and cooked for the team. I lived in a wooden cabin in the middle of winter and looked after chickens and sheep and did very wholesome tasks like chopping wood with an enormous axe.  It was here that I dove deep into therapy and healing.

In April 2017 I emerged from the darkness and I went to sun at Suryalila Retreat Centre in Southern Spain where I met  wonderful spiritual teachers of Vedanta and where I began to learn about the sacred feminine and where my yoni (vagina) education began. This was not something that came easily or naturally at the time but by the time I left, I was leading my own 'WonderFULL Women' workshops to guests of the retreat.

As my feminine energies awoke, so did my creative and entrepreneurial spirit and my dream job manifested where I was called to help transform a healing sanctuary in southern Spain.  This was a life changing 18 months managing a 33 acre estate and hosting talented facilitators and healers, and also taking my own healing and spiritual development to the next level, not least due to the fact that the sanctuary is built on a bed of selenite!  Here I developed my skills as a tarot reader and with that my intuition became supercharged and I was channelling information and guidance to clients. Towards the end of my time here, I met a guide who told me it was time for me to step into my power as a healer.  I felt reluctant at the time because I still felt like I had so much more learn and 'work' to do on myself but as time evolved, I realised that all of the healing strategies I had gathered over the previous four years were working so well that I was healing in real time.

Tantra appeared in my life in 2016 through an astrology reading which showed it's prominent placement in my chart. At first I resisted the idea (a quick cursory glance on google ensured I put it well and truly in the 'overwhelming' box) and despite receiving many nudges from The Universe to follow this path, it wasn't until I shared a serendipitous four hour car journey back from a Vipassana meditation course with a Tantra fanatic that my life changed forever.  After further enquiry and and more lucky meetings with Tantra practitioners I came across a Tantra Therapist training and everything clicked into place.  It was the perfect healing modality for me to immerse myself into which combined science, psychology and spirituality with love, compassion and non-judgment. I knew as soon as I had booked the course that I had found my calling.

I have been inspired, guided and supported by so many wonderful teachers along the way but none more so than my mother who is (amongst many things) a phenomenal intuitive healer of over 30 years and who introduced me to the etheric realms as child. We have been pulling cards and invoking 'parking angels' for as long as I can remember.  She generously shares her years of wisdom and experience as a practitioner and I am so grateful for her guidance and support.

Today I live in Central London and see clients online and in person. The space I create for each client is professional, safe and sacred and I am honoured to work with clients who are ready to heal and and awaken to their magnificence.  I believe, because I have experienced it time and time again, that the most fertile conditions for true transformation are that of pure presence, love and trust and the fact that I can provide this safety for my clients is the best job in the world!

Some of My Miracle Moments

  • Understanding, without a doubt that that no matter what is going on in my life, there is always a part of me that is perfect, whole and complete and cannot be touched 

  • Witnessing my friend and teacher Harry completely heal a severe burn on my arm in 25 minutes using his hands

  • Meeting my guardian angel Juan at the traffic lights on Regent Street on the way to work in Mayfair

  • Unleashing and meeting my repressed inner wild woman in Costa Rica and feeling her primal energy in every cell of my body

  • Realising my power as a creator during my first womb healing

  • Feeling kundalini energy ignite through my body and burst my heart open

  • Completely healing a 20 year battle with disordered eating with plant medicine

  • Healing my lifelong phobia of frogs through past life regression 

  • Holding sacred space for women and men as they unleash repressed emotions and free themselves from their past

  • Feeling source energy explode through my body during one of my dark nights of the soul

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