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Alchemy With Amelia exists to create safe, non-judgemental and loving spaces and experiences for you to transform your relationship to your body, your sexuality and your pleasure.  I believe life is way too short to be hiding yourself when there is so much joy, pleasure and ecstasy to be experienced.

Alchemy with Amelia celebrates sexual energy as not only a sacred and powerful resource innate in every human but also as the most direct path to experiencing profound healing and expansion of consciousness.  I am honoured to create sacred spaces where my clients awaken to the potency of their sexual energy.

Alchemy with Amelia is dedicated to taking the taboo out of Tantra and to be a bridge between the human and the spiritual worlds, which are both rich and full of medicine in their own way.  I have a grounded and integrated approach to spirituality which acknowledges and celebrates the light and the dark in all. I believe that for a trees branches to reach heaven, its roots must have touched hell.

Alchemy with Amelia believes that your ability to experience connection, love and intimacy, firstly with yourself and then with others, is directly correlated to your capacity to experience the majesty of life and it is my mission to give you access to the tools, tips, practices and processes that will inspire you to transform. 


Alchemy with Amelia understands and acknowledges that these topics of sex, intimacy and pleasure can be heavy, loaded and fraught with resistance, shame, judgement and fear, therefore I bring a professional yet fun approach to healing and transformation that will ignite radical change in many areas of your life.


Alchemy with Amelia honours the magic of laughter. I love sprinkling my work with a good dose humour… the best medicine of all. 



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