Kind Words 


"Entrusting my body to Amelia, & a part of me so sacred, was so easy - she created such a beautiful experience from start to end. My feminine & I were bathed in deep love & adoration. We softened, opened and melted with the exquisite tenderness, respect, and care Amelia creates throughout the Yoni Massage Journey. I felt deeply honoured and held. It was the first Yoni Massage I have ever had and can't imagine getting another one from anyone else - she has set the bar high! Amelia's intuitive touch and skill made the three hour experience feel like a powerful and beautiful body celebration - I never wanted it to end... I can't recommend this incredible womxn enough!"

Fiona McCoss- Woman's Empowerment Mentor

''Amelia guided me through the hardest time in my life, separating from a long and happy marriage that had been damaged by lack of intimacy and truthfulness. Even if Amelia and I only met virtually for our sessions I felt an instant connection, she lifted me up from holes of misery and shame to glorious baths of love. Honestly! Amelia is heavenly and brought my mind to peace, using her treasure chest full of tools.'' 


Linda, Sustainability Manager


''I had a yoni massage with Amelia, and wow - what an incredibly healing experience it was!

I’d wanted one for a while and was so grateful when I was recommended her.

It was a brand new experience for me and throughout the whole process, from the initial phone call to her follow up after the session, I felt so incredibly safe and held by Amelia’s presence.

She ensures that you feel comfortable every step of the way and her guidance and support are magical. 

It is deep, sacred work and Amelia is so incredibly gifted at everything she does. 

I didn’t feel weird or awkward once, just safely respected, held and honoured throughout the session.

I wanted to have a yoni massage as a way of offering love and healing to this part of me both physically and emotionally, and what a beautiful process of surrendering and receiving deep healing it is. I couldn’t imagine a better person to explore this with than Amelia! If you are curious to try this work, you must get in touch with her. Highly, highly recommended.'' 

Sabi Kerr, Self Love Coach

''Amelia has such an amazing knowing about her. From knowing the way to communicate with me, the way to help me drop into my body and the way to reframe my thoughts and limitations, she just knows.


Working with Amelia I learnt something I had never before imagined: that only by working with someone who lives the life you want to live can you really move forwards. It seems crazy now to think about how many people I had taken advice from that I wasn’t inspired by and didn’t want to be anything like!


Amelia has always been incredibly flexible, moving at my pace and allowing me to bring new things to the table whenever they present themselves. I have been working with her for a fairly short time and already had two unimaginable breakthroughs. I can’t wait for the next...''

Lucy, London

''I often find when someone has a lot of knowledge in a specific area, they can enter the conversation with pre- conceived ideas, which make them able to hear but not necessarily listen. This wasn't the case with Amelia, she was very clearly listening.


It felt like a very safe space to be vulnerable and honest both with her and myself.


Having both the empathy to understand and the confidence to challenge, are vital. Amelia didn't dissapoint in either.''


James, Writer

"Amelia has held space for me on countless occasions as I have navigated parts of myself that have been somewhat uncomfortable to say the least but at the same time necessary to process in order for me to positively move forward with my life.

Amelia has particularly supported and lovingly guided me in letting go of my past, my traumas and wounds and she has reminded me that all of me is welcome, I am safe and supported and that my feelings and emotions are in fact valid.

Amelia's strong intuitive skills, authenticity, heartfelt presence and life experience has allowed me to fully drop into the healing sessions and experience profound shifts within.

Amelia has so many great gifts, tools and techniques to offer and I feel so grateful to have access to her wisdom as I continue to unravel the great mysteries of my life. 


Charlotte, Creative Director

"The amazing session with you gave me a space to be me, a space to surrender and a space to be held. Your soft and motherly energy gave me emotional safety where I could put away the armour and protection and be welcomed with all of my shadows. 

​You created a space of beauty, of love and presence and I am so grateful for that. Thank you so so much.''

Patrick, Manager 

''I would just like to say that I felt extremely safe and secure working with you and this enabled me to explore the very deep level of some extremely sensitive areas, taking work I had done before to much further point. I am extremely grateful for your time, energy and professional approach to healing.''

William, Reiki Master

''In life, people arrive and teach you how to grow, Amelia is one of these people for me. Honest, open, caring, supportive and funny, Amelia is a person who will hold you in your darkest moments and laugh with you until the tears roll down your cheeks. She has such a wide knowledge of so many different things and she makes it accessible in the way in which she treats you and holds space for you. Thank you Amelia for being a guide.''

Emma, Writer 

''I had an incredibly deep and beautiful experience with Amelia.  Soothing and nourishing touch, coupled with care in a safe space expertly held.  When I rose from my magical journey, I felt like I had slept for hours, even though I was conscious the whole time. If you are feeling called, I sincerely encourage you to following your curiosity and reach out to Amelia.''

Kasia, Writer & Medicine Woman

Working with Amelia was such a pleasure. She is warm and inviting and has the ability to tap into the unspoken words to given them a voice.  She really took the time, was loving and supportive. She encouraged me to follow my dreams and reassured me that I would know when was the right time. I feel blessed to have her in my life.

Namaya Devi, Tantra Therapist 


''Amelia's genuine love of people, her strong intuition, her authenticity and her knowledge shine through in every session. Amelia is very present in the space created and I always feel as if during our time I am absolutely the focus of her thoughts and concern.  With her compassion, insight, healing abilities and humour I am benefitting so much from being one of her blessed clients.''

Sally, Healing Arts Practitioner

''If you want a safe experience, then Amelia is the person to see. Motherly nature is something all men crave, and absurd as it sounds, it is not something that everyone will experience in their lifetime.  I invite you to trust, open and receive. Thank you Amelia for this unique opportunity to receive and forget my worries.''

Chris,  Massage Therapist 


''Amelia's guidance during the sessions, given with so much warmth and wisdom, was heart opening for me and made me feel confident, marvellous, and forceful. Her calming, beautiful voice and the comforting words took me to new places where I could totally let go of everything, feeling so relaxed and fulled me with a new state of mind afterwards. 

An extra special experience was the dancing when there was a touch of humor included which was very relieving and gave a lot of energy and joy.

​In her caring way, she found out what I needed and what exercises would do me good.

I can highly recommend Amelia as a guide to finding peace and forgiveness as well as strength within yourself.''

Annette, Scientist 

''My session with Amelia was heavenly! I left feeling totally uplifted and grounded. Amelia offered a mix of relaxing leg massage, feather therapy combined with channelled guided meditation for my pregnancy.  This lead to a deeply relaxing and healing experience.

The massage was gentle and eased my aching legs, the feather therapy reminded me of how to open my body to gentleness and subtle sensations of movement.  Amelia has a gift with words, her guided meditation was totally blissful. Every word formed an etheric space that I adored and felt so held in, and I can revisit this meditation space throughout my remaining weeks of pregnancy and for labour.

This session offered healing on so many levels. I am deeply grateful for this experience - thank you, Amelia! Highly recommend!''


Danielle, Astrologer and Healer

''I am so grateful for my sessions with Amelia. She opened up new doors in my consciousness and through her sensitivity and love I was able to let go and fully relax in the present moment.

​I felt very held and cared for in Amelia's presence which helped me to open up and take in the deeper messages during the sessions.

​Amelia's intuition is very strong and she can read your needs very accurately. You can really feel that she embodies what she is transmitting which is a very unique trait.

​I am so happy to have worked with Amelia and the effects of her sessions can be felt for a long time afterwards.''

Desiree, Therapist 

''What Amelia has helped me with is more than I can imagine. Me, who loves action discovered the depth within myself when guided by Amelia.  

I explored and most of all FELT happiness, calmness, pureness just by listening to Amelia's voice. 

​Amelia's style to teach and guide is authentic and honest and I deeply recommend her. I use methods learnt from Amelia in my daily practice and I am SO happy that Amelia took us on this journey.''


Linda, Environmental Consultant 

''I didn’t really know what to expect from the session with Amelia, but I can honestly say that it was the most powerful experience I have ever had! I have tried so many different yoga styles with many different teachers, but I have never had such a strong physical and emotional reaction to a class before - the combination of the strategic poses, the inspiring affirmations, and Amelia’s calming presence provided a safe space for me to truly surrender to the process and let energy and emotions flow freely through my body. It’s difficult to describe, but you’ll know it once you’ve felt it!''


Siobhan, Media Analyst