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I'm here to lovingly heal, guide and empower you to alchemise shame, judgement, guilt and disconnection to your body, pleasure and sexuality into confidence, connection, intimacy, love and indescribable bliss so that you can fully live and experience this one wild and precious life. 

Isn’t it crazy that the same sacred magical sexual energy that bought you into existence, is also an energy that is largely hidden in the shadows, distorted, judged, shamed and deemed a taboo subject? You only need to see the censorship on social media to see how this is playing out today.


The result of this is that we haven’t learned how to experience deep, heart centred intimacy with ourselves or others which, whether we are conscious of it or not, is what we are all deeply longing for.  The quest for intimacy, combined with a lack of education and a culture that doesn't celebrate sacred sexuality has meant that many people are carrying trauma from past relationships and experiences and are disconnected from the most phenomenal aspect of their being.


The truth is that sexual energy is not only pleasurable, it is a vital part of your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and a powerful healing elixir that can bring about radical transformation in many areas of life, not just your sex life.





I've already had two unimaginable breakthroughs.
I can't wait for the next one.

Is this you?

Let me help you

You find it challenging to talk about your sexual needs because you feel shame, embarrasment, fear or guilt and you are looking for a safe, non- judgemental space to explore this.

You have enjoyed the crem de la crem of drinking culture (and all the nocturnal activities that came with it) and now you want to connect intimately with another without alcohol and you find it challenging without your coat of confidence.

You have experienced the shame and stigma of having an STI and this is stopping you from enjoying intimacy.

You have been on a diet since the beginning of time and feel deeply uncomfortable in your body.

You are experiencing pain and discomfort during sex.

You struggle to reach orgasm despite trying everything.

You want to explore your sexuality in a safe and non-judgmental environment.


You have no problem communicating until you need to  express your needs which sends you into  panic and overwhelm.

You know there is something more to life and you are intreagued to explore.


Alchemise shame, judgement, fear and guilt into pleasure, connection, abundance and joy

Rewrite the stories you tell yourself about your body, pleasure and sexuality.

Ignite your sex/ spirit connection for your healing, transformation and evolution.

Heal and release deeply held trauma so that you can experience the full spectrum of pleasure available.


Reveal your innate confidence and radiance


Heal your relationhship to your body without endless dieting.

Step into new and expansive levels of pleasure.


"Amelia offers deep, sacred work and
she is so incredibly gifted. I couldn’t imagine a better person to explore this with than Amelia.''

Sabi Kerr,

Self Love Coach and Mentor


A story

'Sexual enegy is the most poweful yet misunderstood force in existence. 

Nothing would exist without it.

It is pure, creative, and the absolute truth and it is vital for our physcial, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

I am here to tell you a story about your body, pleasure and sexual energy that you perhaps haven't heard before.


You arrived into existence as a unique, magnificent, magical being buzzing with sexual/ life force/ creative energy (it's all the same) ready to express your innate blueprint in the world. 


It's likely that when you started to express yourself authentically you were told to 'stop being so emotional', 'stop showing off', 'be more like them', 'don't do it like that' and over time your you'ness became surpressed under shame, conditioning, judgement and fear of being your true self.

Under the layers of everyones expectations and demands for you and your life, you forgot who you truly were.

We weren't ever taught about the magic of sexual energy and its power to transform and transcend, the importance of pleasure and it's healing properties, or how to be with another intimately.

On top of that, perhaps you experienced sexual trauma, weight issues and yo yo dieting, addiction, depression and anxiety, chronic stress and burnout.


Before you know it, your innate, authentic, magical, natural expression is clouded by

'stuff that isn't yours'.

My job is to help you clear the 'stuff that isn't yours' through energy healing, bodywork, coaching, guided visualisation and other wonderful tools  so that you can discover your magic, rekindle your flame and reach your fullest potential.


In my experince one of the quickest and most joyful way of healing is through intimately connecting with your body and activiating your pleasure and sexual energy. I invite you to imagine your sexual/ lifeforce/ creative energy as a pressure washer blasting away everything that isn't you, and leaving pure magnificence that inspires you to connect intimately with others and live your true soulful, sexual, spiritual blueprint that you came into this world with.


I believe sexual/ creative/ lifeforce energy is the most potent elixir for healing, transformation and evoltion and I am delighted to be your guide. 



"''Amelia guided me through the hardest time in my life, separating from a long and happy marriage that had been damaged by lack of intimacy and truthfulness. Amelia lifted me up from holes of misery and shame to glorious baths of love. Honestly! Amelia is heavenly and brought my mind to peace, using her treasure chest full of tools.''

Linda, Sustainability Manager

Big life transition


Our darkness is always the doorway to great healing, expansion, love and connection.

Hi, I'm Amelia, I am so glad you are here.


I want you to know that I am here for you and that I deeply understand the pain and  discomfort that comes with disconnection to your body, sexuality and pleasure.  


With me, you are welcomed into a safe, loving and non-judgemental space for your healing and transformation.

As a healer, bodyworker, coach and spiritual mentor I am here to show you the light and magnificence that I know lies within you.  To do this I use a potent treasure trove of tools which includes energy healing, coaching, tantric bodywork (including yoni, lingam and prostate healing), breathwork and guided visualisation.

For advanced clients I offer THE TEMPLE, which is a sacred curated container of ceremony and ritual which will radically heal, transform and initiate you into an entirely new way of being.


My background weaves together a 10 year career in senior management positions in the luxury industry (working with  well known companies including Quintessentially, Salamanca Group, Scott Dunn, Barclays Wealth, Coutts Bank, The Dorchester Collection amongst others), with eight years dedicated study into the spiritual, sexual and healing arts.  I have been mentored by and trained extensively with leaders in the field of, sacred sexuality, spirituality, feminine empowerment and embodiment, yoga and meditation.  


I am a storyteller and visionary and I love combining the potency and depth of this work with humour and love.  I adore my family and friends, comedy, astrology, nature, laughter and big hugs.


To get started, book your 1 hr alchemy session here.


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