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'Amelia offers deep, sacred work and she is so incredibly gifted at everything she does.'

Sabi Kerr, Self love coach

Is this you...?

I fear being intimate because I am ashamed of my body and I would love to feel confident and sensual

 I've never experienced an orgasm and I feel like I am missing out on something amazing

I can't stop replaying a humiliating moment with an ex-partner which is stopping me from feeling confident in my new relationship  

When I am a size X, I'll finally feel confident in my body and enjoy intimacy

I am curious about Tantra but it feels way out of my league

I am experiencing sexual dysfunction and it is causing me a lot of distress and disempowerment 

I am longing to experience intimacy and connection but it has been so long i don't know where to begin

My partner and I have a loving relationship but our sex life is non- existent

If you answered yes to any of these then  you are in exactly the right place.
It is my honour to walk by your side as you heal, explore and expand. 


Hi, I'm Amelia.

I am a qualified tantra therapist and intuitive healer

and I specialise in working with people who have

low or non-existent sexual mojo 

In working with me, you will learn to truly love yourself no matter how many years of self hate you have under your belt, you will activate your pleasure and sexual vitality no matter how disconnected you feel and your relationships to life will radically transform as a result.


You will heal from the inside out, and connect to your body's incredible wisdom, because believe it or not (and as corny as this sounds!) everything you need is within you. 

I have a marvellous treasure trove of tools, practices and processes that I have gathered over the years that will help you heal the past, explore the richness of your inner world and expand into the greatest version of yourself.

I am delighted to work with women and men, in person (London) and online (worldwide).

''Even if Amelia and I only met virtually for our sessions I felt an instant connection, she lifted me up from holes of misery and shame to glorious baths of love. Honestly! Amelia is heavenly and brought my mind to peace, using her treasure chest full of tools.''  Linda, Sustainability Manager

What is Tantra?

The essence of Tantra is very simple; to make the unconscious, conscious.

Tantra is a powerful and effective tool for personal and spiritual growth, as well as a unique way to connect to the deeper essence of you.

Tantra is an ancient spiritual path that shows a route to enlightenment that includes the body's senses and energies. Through specific practices, Tantra awakens latent energies in the body that will ignite radical transformation in all areas of life.


At its core, Tantra is about love, awareness and presence and removing the barriers we put up around ourselves so that we can experience life's greatest expression.



''In a world where everyone had an understanding of Tantra there would be a so much acceptance for our whole unadulterated nature ... and we would have the deepest sense of wonder and gratitude for everything that life has to offer, not in a perfected, always light sense, but the perfect play of light and dark in every moment.''


Layla Martin

What I can help with:

  • Fear of sex and intimacy

  • Problems giving and recieving love 

  • Sexual dysfunction

  • Loss of connection to others

  • Expansion into pleasure 

  • Stress and worry

  • Loss of enjoyment in life

  • Spiritual disconnection

  • Relationship challenges 

  • Self love & acceptance 

  • Anxiety and depression 

  • Big life transitions

  • Low self confidence & self- esteem

  • Lack of purpose 

'The wound is the place where the light enters you''


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