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 Sacred Lingam Healing 

Are you experiencing sexual dysfunction?

Do you want to feel more energised, confident and empowered?

Do you want to receive 

Do you want to take your spiritual and personal development to the next level?


A Sacred Lingam Healing is the opportunity to receive a profoundly transformational and nurturing experience where through a number of alchemical practices including meditation, energy healing and intuitive bodywork, you will release stagnancy, shame, stress and trauma and increase energy, vitality, self-esteem and confidence. A number of Sacred Lingam Healing sessions will help you heal sexual dysfunction including premature ejaculation and impotence and also improve sleep and blood circulation and eliminate of pent up tension in the body.

It is highly likely that the results of Sacred Lingam Healing will help you develop in many other areas of your life including more confidence in intimacy, greater success in your career, better relationships, improved health and rejuvenation of every cell of your body.



What exactly happens during a Sacred Lingam Healing:

Introduction: We will start with an introduction where I will guide you though exactly what is going to happen during the healing. The most important aspect of the session is that you feel safe and relaxed. Many clients feel nervous at the beginning however this quickly subsides after the introduction. Here we will talk about fears, desires, boundaries and consent so that you are assured that nothing will be done without your full 'yes'.


Opening ritual: We will sit opposite each other and eye gaze, this can feel awkward at the beginning however many clients say in helps them to feel more calm and relaxed as our nervous systems co- regulate


The Celebration of You:  Depending on how comfortable you feel (some clients skip this on the first session), I offer a ritual where you will be honoured from head to toe with words and touch of love and adoration. This is an incredibly powerful and healing experience which can feel a little overwhelming at first but soon becomes empowering as latent energies in the body awaken.


Feather Healing: I will then invite you to lie down and I will use a beautiful large feather to awaken your body to sensation. It is a gentle experience that will activate your parasympathetic nervous system so that your body will becomes receptive to the deep healing.


Full body massage:  Then I will start a fully body massage with nourishing strokes to release oxytocin throughout the body and this will prepare the body for the lingam healing.


Lingam Activation: Before starting the healing, we will do a short meditation and breath work together and energetically connect. 


Lingam healing: Your body will be feeling deeply relaxed, safe and in the space to receive the maximum benefits. With your full consent I will use different touch on the lingam and surrounding area, I will work on various acupressure points to release blockages. I will invite you to breathe in a certain way to circulate your energy and to verbalise and sound your feelings and sensations. During the healing you may feel emotions arise as the body releases stuck and stagnant energy. You may also remember memories from the past which arise to be felt and healed. You may feel these things intensely, or you may feel nothing, especially during your first session. Everything is welcome and you will be received with absolute non- judgement.


Closing meditation: We will close the healing with a short meditation and after this I will cover you with a soft blanket so that you can integrate the experience.


Sharing: Finally I will invite you to share your insights, feelings, emotions to help process the experience.


Please note: this is a scared healing session and NOT a sexual service. This is a unique and profound invitation for you to receive, heal and awaken the energy inside you for radical transformation.

Sacred Lingam Healing is for you if:

You want to be welcomed into a professional, safe, loving and non- judgemental environment.

You want to release trauma, unblock stagnant energy in your lingam to allow the natural flow of sexual energy throughout your body.

You are looking for a profound approach to healing sexual dysfunction.

You are nervous but intrigued.

You are interested to learn about ejaculation choice.

You are on a path of transformation/ awakening.

You want to ignite the connection between your body and your sex.

You want to increase your capacity to receive pleasure.

YOUR INVESTMENT £350 (3 hours)

"The amazing session with you gave me a space to be me, a space to surrender and a space to be held. Your soft and motherly energy gave me emotional safety where I could put away the armour and protection and be welcomed with all of my shadows. 

​You created a space of beauty, of love and presence and I am so grateful for that.


Thank you so so much.'' 

Patrick, Manager 

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