'The Alchemy Adventure' is a deep dive into the mystery and magnificence of you.

It is an initiation into the astounding alchemical elixirs of spirit, love and presence.

The intention we set is for the magic to unfold and your true self to be called forth. 

The work is removing whatever is in the way of you embodying and living this.

It is not for those just starting out on the path. 

It will likely feel like death... because it is… death of all of the parts of you that once assured your survival, but that no longer serve. So that your true self can shine. 

The adventure is bespoke to you and will contain elements of inner world exploration, meeting your spirit team, bodywork (if in person), ancestral healing, womb healing, inner child healing, coaching and mentoring.

In the time that I have been welcoming clients to this experience I have witnessed magic beyond my wildest dream… 

💗 the deep emotion expressed when clients have connected to their spirit guides.

💗 sexual energy surging through my clients body with spirit and breath alone after years of celibacy.

💗 the murky energy of eating disorders melt in the light of high vibrational healing.

💗 profound mother/daughter healing between the human & spirit world.

💗 clients reclaim their heart and sexual energy from ex- partners so that they can welcome in new love.

💗 clients meeting their inner healer and I’ve watched as this healing has reverberated through their human body through body trembles, purging.

I could go on.

Deep down, you know how to do this, you know how to heal, you know how to connect to your higher self, your true self, I am merely providing the container for it to happen.

If ‘The Alchemy Adventure’ is for you, you’ll read this page and it won’t make sense to your mind (in fact your mind will likely rebel!) but your heart will be saying yes because your soul speaks through your body. 

You’ll feel a flutter of butterflies and a ripple of excitement for what magic will unfold from the mystery, from the unknown, from the nothingness which birthed everything.


The Alchemy Adventure is for you if.....

  • You've lost your libido (or perhaps you have never had one) and you feel like there is something wrong with you

  • You've lost the magic and wonder of life

  • You've had experiences that are keeping you stuck in the past

  • You feel your body is not capable of pleasure 

  • You know there is more to life than what you are experiencing

  • You cringe when you see sex scenes on TV

  • You avoid sex and avoid being touched 'down there'.

  • You know that sex is something you 'should' enjoy but you don't

  • You feel shame around your sexual history

  • You have experienced sexually transmitted disease 



Are you ready to...


  • Alchemise your stories of sexual and body shame into empowerment, judgment into acceptance, fear into love, pain into pleasure and apathy into bliss.


  • Learn more about how pleasure can heal you from the inside out.


  • Cultivate deep and lasting self-love 


  • Learn the inner mechanisms to create safety in your body so that you can experience deeper states of pleasure


  • Understand and communicate your needs in and out of the bedroom.


  • Learn about the sex/spirit connection for your highest evolution


  • Deep dive into the different dimensions of your sexuality, including the light and the dark


  • Experience magnificent pleasure either on your own or with a partner


Together we'll explore...


H E A L  


  • Releasing shame, guilt, judgment and fear around your sexuality

  • Re-writing your story about sex, intimacy and pleasure

  • Creating safety within your body to allow for expansion into pleasure

  • Understanding the nervous system in relation to sex and how to self and co- regulate

  • Utilising your sexual energy to heal your body

  • Yoni/ lingam healing practices

  • Emotional Release Techniques for shifting stagnant energy


E X P L O R E  


  • Cultivating profound love for yourself and your body regardless of your past 

  • Breaking through limitations

  • Radical self-pleasure practices 

  • Identifying and igniting new pleasure pathways

  • How to communicate your fears, desires and boundaries

  • Becoming acquainted with the masculine and feminine energies and how to harness them for healing and transformation


E X P A N D 


  • Awakening full pleasure potential of the body

  • Identifying your edge as a catalyst for expansion

  • Meet your inner wisdom keeper

  • Igniting the seven energy centers for spiritual transformation

  • Experiences in expansion of consciousness

  • Self-pleasure practices for empowerment, creativity and abundance

This Adventure includes:

6 x Alchemy Experiences

6 x Powerful practices and rituals

6 x Quantum Healing meditations 

Weekly support on Voxxer


Your investment £3,333