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What is Tantra therapy?

Tantra therapy alchemises fear into love, suffering into joy and pain into pleasure.

What is stopping you from saying YES to life?

Is it because you feel insecure?

Are you paralysed by false beliefs? 

Are riddled with stress, worry and fear?

Is it a lack of purpose and direction?  

Quite often what stops us from saying YES is the stagnation of our life force/ creative/ sexual energy and tantra therapy is the perfect remedy.

Tantra therapy is an exquisite and effective healing modality that combines science, spirituality, and bodywork with compassion, empathy and non- judgement to bring love and acceptance to the parts of you that you hide, numb, ignore and reject i.e the bits that we have been taught are shameful, ugly and not good enough.   It is the opportunity to experience the profound healing capacity of the body and the transformational magic of consciously awakened life-force/ creative/ sexual energy which in turn increases vitality, energy, self-love, connection and pleasure.








We are born with vibrant life-force/ creative/ sexual energy buzzing through our body yet over time this energy is suppressed under conditioning (good, bad, right, wrong, should, shouldn't) and repressed emotions. We all remember being told things like  'stop being emotional', 'stop showing off ' and that 'real men don't cry'.  The suppression of natural and healthy emotions and feelings end up being stored in areas of the body and in many cases, the genitals.  This stagnancy prevents the free flow of energy around the body which can manifest in disease.  

Tantra therapy brings light to the mind, body and spirit by removing the blocks that prevent you from experiencing life in it's fullness.

If you choose to experience Tantra therapy, you will be welcomed into a professional, safe and welcoming space where  you will experience a combination of effective healing modalities to release these energy blocks from the mind, body and spirit including; 

  • Coaching and talking dialogue

  • Fun and playful connection games 

  • Guided Meditation

  • Energy Healing

  • Sacred Tantric Bodywork (for repeat clients only)

  • Sacred Yoni and Lingam healing (for repeat clients only)

  • Yoga, Dance and Movement

  • Ceremony and Ritual 

  • Breathwork

By experiencing tantra therapy, you can look forward to.. 

  • Being in a safe space where you can be completely you, without any expectations or limitations

  • Learning fun, effective tools and techniques to develop an intimate relationship with yourself and others 

  • Being liberated of shame, judgement, guilt and fear around your sexuality, pleasure and intimacy 

  • Feeling safe, grounded and confident in your body

  • Gaining a deeper understanding of tantra and how it can transform your life

  • A deeper connection to your own pleasure

  • Understanding your physical, mental and spiritual energetic blocks and learn how to identify and release them

  • Experiencing a blissful state of peace and relaxation

  • Being able to confidently communicate your needs and desires

  • A deeper spiritual connection to source energy

  • Being able to control sexual urges and transmute energy throughout the body

  • Being aware of and confident in stating your boundaries and your 'yes', 'no' and 'maybe' 

  • Healing of sexual dysfunction

  • Having a deeper sensitivity and awareness of your body rather than taking compulsive action

  • Exploring the unlimited pleasure of the body without reaching for a goal

  • Gaining a deeper understanding of the balanced masculine and feminine energies and how they can enhance your life​​​

When sexual energy/ life force/ creative energy is consciously awakened it acts like a magical fire, burning away old patterns, conditioning and beliefs to reveal the magnificence of you. ​​​​​


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