Sacred Yoni Healing  

Amelia gave the best yoni massage I have ever received. Amy, Founder of Temple of the Feminine

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Do you experience pain during intercourse?

Are you are numb ‘down there’?

Are you experiencing repeated vaginal infections?

Do you believe your yoni is something to be ashamed of?


If you answered 'yes' to any of the above then you are absolutely not alone.


In the neolithic era, statues and temples were built in dedication to the Divine Feminine and womb worship. For thousands of years, it was the Goddess that was prayed to, not  God.


Today a woman's sexual desire, pleasure and expression is not welcome unless it fits into a very small socially acceptable box.  Underneath all of the layers of ‘stuff that isn’t ours’  every woman, without exception, is a wild, primal, expressive, deeply intuitive, loving, sexual being and it is time for this to be acknowledged, awakened and celebrated and it starts with the awkening and healing of the yoni  


Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the vulva, vagina and womb and loosely translates as 'Sacred Temple'.  

Due to the lack of education, the yoni has received a lot of shame, abuse and neglect, which, when you come to understand the power and sanctity of the yoni, is a very large and uncomfortable pill to swallow.


This sacred space is the birth place of creativity and transformation and has the potential to heal and awaken the entire body.


As the feminine is receptive, the yoni is where a woman receives life and stores memory from all past sexual experiences (good and bad) which can then be the cause of sexual dysfunction, pain and numbness and vaginal infections.


Sacred Yoni healing is a safe and therapeutic experience that combines energy healing, bodywork and intuition to heal and awaken in the most intimate and holy area of a woman's body.


When you decide heal  and awaken your yoni, you will begin an adventure into your greatest source of power, creativity, intuition, abundance and connection- what could be better than that?




The Sacred Yoni Healing process has four stages:

1. Initial discovery call 

2. An online consultation to prepare you for the Sacred Yoni Healing. This is important because the first bodywork session can be intense so it is vital that we connect beforehand. I will share some breath and energy practices for you to do before we meet in person which are important for the potency of the healing and to ensure you get the most out of the session.

3. I will invite you to your Sacred Yoni Healing session in Central London. This will be 2-3 hours.

4. A post healing integration session one week after and discussion of further sessions.

Sacred Yoni Healing is for you if:

You want to be welcomed into a professional, loving safe and non- judgemental environment.

You want to release trauma, unblock stagnant energy in your yoni to allow flow of sexual energy throughout your body.

You are looking for a profound approach to healing.

You are genuinely interested in Tantra. 

You are nervous but intrigued.

You are on a path of transformation/ awakening.

You want to ignite the connection between your body and your sex.

You want to increase your capacity to receive pleasure.






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