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Did you know that your sexual energy is your super power, your pleasure is your inner pharmacy and that your body is capable of indescribable bliss?

Sex Alchemy
Body Alchemy

It's likely that you didn't because religion told you that sex was sinful and sex education only taught you how not to get an STD and how not to get pregnant and if you were lucky, how to put a condom on a cucumber.


If everyone knew the truth of the power that lies inside them for healing and radical transformation, the world would be a very different place.

And so it's time for ALCHEMY.

It's time to transform fear into love,

judgement into acceptance,  pain into pleasure and apathy into bliss and I am here to show you exactly how.

I can't wait to share this magic with you either online or in person, in London, UK.

Work with me



 Amelia's energy is a gift from nature.  

It is nurturing, sensual and so uplifting.

Amelia is extremely skilled at understanding her clients needs and by using her unique skills and expertise she manages to make you feel safe while exploring emotions, sexuality and the body's intelligence.

Each session is unique and I always feel safe and emotionally held.

Regular sessions with Amelia has helped me to approach traumas differently as well as starting a powerful healing journey.


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