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You are invited into a beautiful, sacred, calm healing space in North London.


You will be lovingly supported and guided to heal the past, explore your inner world and step into the

magnifcence of you. 

What I can help with 

Igniting body confidence and self esteem

Overcoming fear of intimacy​ and 'being seen'

Healing sexual shame

Support in healing disordered eating

Yoni, lingam and prostate healing

Pleasure activation and exploration

Healing anxiety and depression

Stress and burnout recovery

Life purpose activation

Support through a big life transition 

Overcoming sexual dysfunction

Healing modalities 

Energy Healing (including past life regression and ancestral healing)

Heart and Soul retrieval

Tantric bodywork and de-armouring  (including yoni, lingam and prostate healing)

Yoga & intuitive movement

Guided visualisation for healing and manifestation

Deep relaxation and nervous system reset

Body confidence and embodiment sessions

Ritual and ceremony for healings, endings and beginnings.

Sacred Temple Arts

All in-person alchemy sessions are 3 hours and your investment is £333.

What you need to know

All prospective in- person clients are required to book a 1 hour ALCHEMY session so that we can ensure we are a good match. 

I am  clothed during the session and ahere to a strict code of ethics and my boundaries are firm and clear.

To ensure both of our safety, I require you to sign a particupant liability waiver

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