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I am absolutely delighted to invite YOU to 

‘The Best January Ever’

10 days of ‘Alchemy with Amelia’.

Step 1. ADD ME ON INSTAGRAM  @alchemywithamelia 

Step 2. Sign up below to enter the amazing raffle (see the prizes here

What is 'The Best January Ever'?


In short, its a bit of fun after what can only be described as the craziest year ever.

Over 10 days, i'll be sharing some treasures and pleasures that helped me turn my life around from living in a quagmire of despair to living a wonderful life with a creative and happy mind, an overflowing heart and a zest for pleasure and adventure.

If you decide to join the fun, you can look forward to:

- A quick meditation to turn that frown upside down which you can use any time, anywhere

- Numerous magical energy practices

- How to shift your state from negative to positive almost instantly

- Ways to move your body that are easy and joyful, even if you feel like a lump-a-lard after the Christmas festivities 

- The opportunity to gather with some wonderful people

- Learning a brilliant way to get a quick answer on any question you have 

- Hearing the amazing wisdom my Granny shared with me that changed my life.

- A big SURPRISE that had me falling off my chair!

- OODLES of raffle prizes on the first and last night (you don't need to purchase a ticket, just your presence is enough!).


This is my gift to you and a way to pay it forward for all of the incredible teachings, wisdom and healing I have received over the years.

Click HERE for a sneaky peek of the schedule 


Who is invited?


You and anyone you know who would like to kick the year off with a bit of fun, inspiration and love and some transformational practices. Feel free to share this link with your friends and family.

When is it?


1st- 10th January 2021. Each event will either be at 8am or 8pm. Be sure to pop it in your diary!


Where is it being held? 


This will take place on my instagram account @alchemywithamelia.  



How much does it cost?  SIGN UP HERE


It is completely and utterly free so no need to buy anything, not even a raffle ticket!  


If you want to be in with a chance of winning a raffle prize, then you must sign up here 

Click here if you have something wonderful that you would like to donate a raffle prize in exchange for some social media love.

What are the amazing raffle prizes? 

1 x 1hr hypnotherapy session with Sally Abbot

1 x Animal communication report with Sally Abbot

1 x 1 hr tarot reading with Kasia Gwilliam

1 x Life Coaching/ Energy Healing with Sue Allport

1 x Love Stoned Yoni Egg from @Temple of the feminine 

1 x Session with Giovana Restino @Natural.holistic.harmony

2 x Online Tantra Therapy sessions with me


Is this 'organised fun'?



You may (or may not!) be pleased to hear that there will be no ‘live audience participation’ apart from at The Great Gathering (even here, participation is optional).

I won't be cajoling you into anything. You can be in the group as much or as little as you want.   I invite you to like, comment and share and support as much as you please.  

All of the treasures I share are for you to keep forever, just make sure you have a notebook to write them down.

Intrigued? Excited?

Raffle prixs list

Here is a sneaky peek of the schedule.


Please note, this doesn’t include the marvellous magic 

(aka ridiculous memes. gifs and bucket loads of inspiration) 

I am planning to share with you that I’ve been collecting since 2012.


Friday 1st January @ 20.00- 21.00  IG LIVE


(I may or may not be wearing a frock) 



(who doesn’t love a prize just for turning up!).




A powerful healing meditation to let go of crazy fest that was 2020 and welcome in the bounty of 2021



(For those basking in hangover from the festivities the night before, this will be a wonderful cure)

Saturday 2nd January @ 0800  IG LIVE

The Easy Quickie 

Quite simply, the fastest and most effective way to shift your state from negative to positive.



Sunday 3rd January @ 0800  IG LIVE


A practice that will blow your heart open and help you answer any question you may have .



Monday 4th January @ 0800  IG POST


A special way to show appreciation to those that you love 



Tuesday 5th January @ 2000  IG LIVE


Four magical energy practices to set your boundaries and say ‘see ya later alligator’ to fear, self doubt, shame etc.



Wednesday 6th January @ 0800  IG LIVE

Everybody (yeeeeeah), rock your body (yeaaaaah)

Join me as I share my alchemical dancing story and also some joyful moves. 

The Backstreet Boys may or may not be included.



Thursday 7th January @ 2000  ZOOM


For those who feel called to gather, this is our opportunity to connect- woo hoo!! I’ll also be sharing the most powerful healing tool that changed my life.



Friday 8th January @ 0800  IG LIVE



Discover one of the most profound droplets of wisdom passed down to me from none other than my Granny, Katie.



Saturday 9th January @ 2000 IG LIVE


I will be sharing THE GREATEST SURPRISE for healing my mind, body and spirit . 



Sunday 10th January @ 2000  IG LIVE


(I hope you'll join me in wearing something sparkly!)





I am positively bursting at the seams (and the Christmas eating festivities haven’t even begun yet!) to share this

life changing magic and to meet you all in the group. 


So, if you are ready for


be sure to follow me on instagram @alchemywithamelia and pop your details below to be in with a chance of winning a raffle prize

Thank you!

Sign up
Please share this link with anyone you feel will enjoy this treasure trove of alchemy, joy, inspiration and love… and hopefully a few giggles along the way too

And finally.....Would you like to donate a raffle prize and get exposure to oodles of wonderful people? 


If you have something gorgeous/magical/healing/creative to share, I would LOVE to hear from you. 

The wonderful prizes I have so far are: 

1 x 1hr hypnotherapy session with Sally Abbot

1 x Animal communication report with Sally Abbot

1 x 1 hr tarot reading with Kasia Gwilliam

1 x Life Coaching/ Energy Healing with Sue Allport

1 x Love Stoned Yoni Egg from @Temple of the feminine 

2 x Online Tantra Therapy sessions with me

Please contact me here with your offering, a brief description and any t's and c's. 

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