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Sacred Sexual Healing,  Body Celebration & Intuitive guidance 

Imagine being able to experience indescribable bliss in the comfort of your own body, bliss that also happens to be your inner pharmacy 

and wise guide.

Now, more than ever we need resources to self- heal, so let me show you the power you have to alchemise pain into pleasure, fear into love, poison into nectar and stagnancy into ecstasy.

Sacred Sexual Healing
Body Celebration
Intuitive Guidance



 Amelia's energy is a gift from nature.  

It is nurturing, sensual and so uplifting.

Amelia is extremely skilled at understanding her clients needs and by using her unique skills and expertise she manages to make you feel safe while exploring emotions, sexuality and the body's intelligence.

Each session is unique and I always feel safe and emotionally held.

Regular sessions with Amelia has helped me to approach traumas differently as well as starting a powerful healing journey.


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