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'Amelia offers deep, sacred work and she is so incredibly gifted at everything she does. 


I didn’t feel weird or awkward once, just safely respected, held and honoured throughout the session'

Sabi Kerr, Self Love Coach


I combine the skills gathered from 10 years working for leading luxury brands with my innate gifts as tantra therapist and healer, to bring a professional, non- judgemental and loving approach to sacred sexual healing, spirituality and transformation. 

No one is more surprised that me, that I do this work.  


For 20 years i struggling with my body  which eventually resulted in a four year stint of celibacy, I finally found salvation through intuitive eating, plant medicine and Tantra.

Tantra, healing, and transformation are written in my stars, and in fact, this is where my Tantra journey began five years ago during an astrology reading when I was told that this would be my path. At the time I was allergic to intimacy and what I saw online of Tantra horrified me, so I put it in the 'overwhelming' box until two years later when I was stuck in a car for three hours with a Tantra fanatic who changed my life forever. 

In January 2016 my dedication to the spiritual path drew me away from a successful professional career in London to many magical wonderlands around the world.  I purged every toxin our of my body doing a month long Pancha Karma in India, I cracked myself open during a yoga teacher training in Costa Rica, I delved into the realms of Vedanta in Southern Spain and I immersed myself in a Tantric community in Thailand. 

As well as having spent 6 years healing myself from disordered eating depressionI come from a lineage of healers, including my Mum who has generously passed down the wisdom and knowledge gained from 30 years as a healer and magic maker.  

Whether it be through 1:1 therapy, programmes or  retreats; creating safe and sacred spaces for my clients to heal, explore and expand is a role I adore. I am passionate about making tantra therapy and sacred sexual healing a safe and respected healing modality for women and men.

Today my offerings draw from the art and science of Tantra, yoga, Ayurveda, meditation and shamanic practices and I love incorporating lessons and the teaching learnt on my journey to offer guidance and support to those who are seeking.

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