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The Alchemy Adventure is a deep healing programme that alchemises led (shame, guilt, ander, fear, hatred) into gold (love, acceptance, freedom, peace, pleasure) so that you can truly live your one wild and precious life without the past holding you back.

The Alchemy Adventure is initially a 3 month commitment with the opportunity to extend month by month as you feel appropriate. 


We will meet every two weeks for 2-3 hours where you will recieve coaching, healing and will journey into your inner world


Each week you will have meditations and practices to do based on the previous weeks session- this is almost, if not more important than the session itself as this is where the healing integrates on a deeper level. 


The topics we'll cover in the three months are as follows (we may cover all or some depending on how it goes):


- Understanding the nervous system and creating safety. Learning about contraction and expansion, boundaries and consent.  Establishing inner resources. Holding strong sensation (i.e rejection).


- Understanding energy and alchemy.


- Meeting your inner spiritual support team and allies.


- Radical self- love and responsibility.


- Coming home to the body and awakening the senses.


- Emotional Release techniques and Sacred Rage 


- Intuitive bodywork to release stuck emotions held in body


- Reparenting & healing the mother/father wound.


- Healing the inner child and teenager.


- Healing toxic shame


- Healing your inner masculine and feminine for inner support and energy management.


- Future Self-Visioning 



Each session will be a combination of talking therapy, coaching, transmission, inner world journeying and some sessions will be in person for bodywork. 


I'll be guiding you to create radical inner safety so that you can not only withstand but thrive in the world. Inner safety comes when we create and hold a safe space for all of our parts to be without threat.


We'll be working on the level of the subconscious and alchemising your past memories and experiences so that they are no longer playing out and affecting you in your life today.


We'll be working safely and slowly with your body to re-programme and re-pattern your neural pathways.


We'll also be working with the majesty of your inner world and meeting all of the incredible energies that are here to heal, support and guide you.

My intention for us working together is to:


1) Provide a professional, loving, non- judgemental space for you to explore, feel and heal your inner world

3) Share a treasure trove of tools, practices and processes for your healing and awakening of your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies.

4) Give you guidance and support to delve into the darker areas of yourself to reveal the light

5) Be available for constructive feedback and reflection.




Your investment is £3,333 paid in full for the first 3 months and then £1,111 per month thereafter. 


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