Are you looking for more connection & intimacy in your life?

Are you experiencing sexual dysfunction?

Have you had a traumatic experience/ relationship that is now preventing you from experiencing unlimited pleasure? 


If the answer is yes,  I am here to help you.



I know in my bones that the darkness is the doorway to freedom, joy, bliss and pleasure and it is my honour to be your guide. 

I combine the skills gathered from 10 years working for leading luxury brands with my innate gifts as tantra therapist and healer, to bring a professional,

non- judgemental and loving approach to sacred sexual healing, spirituality and transformation.  

I've been fascinated with human potential since I was a child. My favourite book was the Guinness World Records because I loved reading about ordinary people, achieving extraordinary things.  I took this mentality forward into adulthood and raced up my career ladder very quickly.  By the age of 24, I was flying around the world and working with industry leading companies including Scott Dunn, VIPSKI, Quintessentially, Salamanca Group, Barclays Wealth, HSBC Private, Schroders and Coutts amongst others.


In 2016 I reduced all of my belongings to four boxes and set off on a healing odyssey. I travelled the world spending time in the jungle in Costa Rica, an ashram in India, the spiritual wonderlands of Spain and a tantric community in Thailand.  During this time, my world and my heart was blown wide open as followed the cosmic breadcrumbs from one magical experience to another (with a few dark nights of the soul inbetween!). 


I've been a student of the spiritual and healing arts for over 10 years and have been lucky to have been inspired, guided and supported by many wonderful teachers along the way including including Vidya Hielsel, Harry Dijkshoorn, James Swartz, Mirella Van Strarven and Lin Holmquist. My greatest teacher has been my mother who is (amongst many things) a phenomenal intuitive healer of over 30 years and who introduced me to the etheric realms as child.  She generously shares her wisdom and experience as a practitioner and I am so grateful for her guidance and support.

Whether it be through 1:1 therapy, workshops, courses or retreats; creating safe and sacred spaces for my clients to heal, explore and expand is a role I adore. I am passionate about making tantra therapy and sacred sexual healing a safe and respected healing modality for women and men.

Today my offerings draw from the art and science of Tantra, yoga, Ayurveda, meditation and shamanic practices and I love incorporating lessons and the teaching learnt on my journey to offer guidance and support to those who are seeking. 




A few sacred moments 

  • Understanding that no matter what is going on in my life, there is always a part of me that is perfect, whole and complete. 

  • Witnessing my friend and teacher Harry completely heal a severe burn on my arm in 25 minutes using his hands and energy.

  • Meeting my guardian angel, Juan at the traffic lights on Regent Street on the way to work in Mayfair 

  • Unleashing my inner Wild Woman in Costa Rica and feeling her primal energy in every cell of my body

  • Realising my power as a creator during my first womb healing

  • Feeling kundalini energy ignite through my body and burst my heart open

  • Completely healing a 20 year battle with disordered eating with the sacred plant medicine Iboga

  • Healing my lifelong phobia of frogs through past life regression

  • Being overwhelmed with love during a yoni gazing ceremony

  • Holding sacred space for women and men as they express deeply repressed emotions and free themselves from their past.

  • Feeling The Sacred Spark explode through my body during one of the darkest times of my life 

  • Bathing in ecstasy during and after my first Sacred Temple gathering.

Experience and training 

Ba Hons Sociology

Newcastle University

Head of Quintessentially Home

Quintessentially, London

Senior Private Client Manager

Salamanca Group, London

Managing Director 

White Circle, London

200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training (with Ayurveda)

Lakshmi School of Rising, Costa Rica 

Intensive spiritual study

Sivananda Ashram, India

Apprentice and yoga teacher 

The Clover Mill Ayurvedic Retreat, Worcestershire

Vipassana Meditation Course 

Dhamma Dipa, Herefordshire 

Duty Manager and Yoga teacher 

Suryalila Retreat Centre, Spain 

Menstrual Cycle Awareness and Sensuality Workshop Assistant

Mirella Van Starveren

WonderFULL Women Workshop Leader

Suryalila Retreat Centre, Spain.

Vedanta Immersion with James Swartz

Suryalila Retreat Centre, Spain.

General Manager 

La Finca Paradiso Eco Sanctuary, Spain

Ceremony and ritual curator

La Finca Paradiso Eco Sanctuary, Spain

200 hr Yoga Teacher Training 

Frog Lotus Yoga International, Spain

Dakini Training in Sacred Temple Arts with Lin Holmquist

The Art of Love

Tantra Therapist Training with Lin Holquist

The Art of Love

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