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I am an alchemist, a spiritual & sexual healer, and a catalyst of radical transformation for humans ready to heal the past, explore their inner world, and to live joyfully in their body, mind, spirit and sex.

As an intuitive and grounded healer, guide, bodyworker and mentor and I'm delighted to bring a professional, non- judgemental and loving approach to spiritual & sexual healing and transformation.

Combining ancient wisdom, modern healing practices and a good dose of mystery and magic, I successfully support my clients to... 



  • Heal the shame, judgment, fear, and guilt of their body, pleasure, and sexuality so that they feel intimately connected to themselves and others.

  • Alchemise their trauma into gold so that they can live an unlimited life.

  • Connect to the rich wisdom, guidance and inspiration of their inner world 

  • Heal sexual dysfunction so that they can experience the full spectrum of pleasure without the pain and shame 

  • Ignite and integrate their feminine and masculine energies for healing and evolution

  • Feel gloriously at home in their body and give a big middle finger to the diet industry

  • Connect to their divinity/The Universe/God in a grounded, magical and imaginative ways

  • Manifest their dreams into reality using intention and sexual energy

  • Explore their sexuality, pleasure and body in a professional, safe and consensual environment 

  • Overcome blocks to accessing deeper states of pleasure,


Why work with me?

  • I am a professionally qualified spiritual & sexual healer and trained with renowned educator, Lin Holmquist.​

  • I lived in healing/ spiritual centres for many years where I learned from and was guided by inspiring teachers of non-duality, Vedanta, feminine embodiment, menstrual cycle awareness and sensuality.

  • Using the tools, techniques and practices that I share with clients, I have healed addiction, disordered eating, body shame, depression & anxiety, co-dependency and a crippling fear of sex and intimacy.

  • I’ve learned from and have been passed down healing gifts from my Mum who is a gifted healer for over 30 years.​

  • I am a co-facilitator for 12- The Experience and I teach regular workshops for the spiritual wellness brand ‘She’s Lost Control’.

  • I work with an incredibly gifted team that support me including weekly therapy and supervision and monthly energy healing.

A few ‘behind the scenes’ bits about me…


  • As a Self- Projected Projector I am here to guide, mentor, heal and share my voice in a unique and authentic way. Find me on instagram @alchemywithamelia.

  • I am borderline obsessed with Eros and sexual shamanism. When you meet me, I will likely chew your ear off about how incredible our sexual energy is and how deeply healing and transformative it is.

  • I became deeply acquainted with shame when had the 'character building' experience of living with genital warts for five years (they refused to leave!). #Blessed. I endured extremely painful cryotherapy (blasting an aerosol can directly on my vulva) every month. It is now my mission to heal the stigma around STI/ STD’s because 80% of the population have had or will have HSV/ HPV in their life.

  • In 2016 when my 'dream life' disintegrated into a pulp of mashed up tissues, I packed up my London life to embark on a magical healing odyssey which took me around the world to Costa Rica, India, Spain and Thailand with a few months of healing nestled deep in the Uk countryside in-between.

  • I’ve been communicating with spirits since I was 12. When I was 26 when I was saved by a South American spirit called Juan at the traffic lights on Regent Street. ​Today I work with spirits who help me to guide my clients to experience deep's quite magical!

  • In 2016 I saw an astrologer who told me that Eros featured prominently in my chart and suggested I look into Tantra. I took one glance online and threw it in the box labelled ‘WAY TOO OVERWHELMING’ and didn’t open it again until I was locked in a car with a tantra fanatic for four hours and my life changed forever.​

  • I adore sharing awareness of conscious communication and authentic heart-centred conversations about fears, desires, consent, boundaries and sexual health.​

  • I’ve had incredible healing experiences with plant medicines including Iboga, Bufo, San Pedro, Kambo, Pyslobibin and Cacao.

Experience and Credentials 

2022- Temple & Wand- Founder

2022- Ritual Eros- Facilitator 

2022- Art of Love- Tantric Massage Course- Assistant

2021- 12 The Experience- Co Facilitator

2021 - International School of Temple Arts- Sexual, Spiritual, Shamanic Initiation - Level 2

2022- Cultivating Kundalini- Byoni De Souza

2021- International School of Temple Arts- Sexual, Spiritual, Shamanic Experience - Level 1

2021- 'She's Lost Control'- Workshop Leader

2020- Art of Love- Tantra Therapist/ Sexual Healing Training 

2020- Art of Love- Sacred Temple Arts- Dakini Training- Art of love

2020- 200hr Yoga Teacher Training- Frog Lotus Yoga

2018 - WonderFULL women workshop leader 

2018- 2020- General Manager of 'La Finca Paradiso'- Eco- Sanctuary for Healing and Creative Arts

2017- 2018- Duty Manager at Suryalila Retreat Centre

2016- 200hr Yoga & Ayurveda Teacher Training- Lakshmi Rising School of Wellness

2016- 2017- Various volunteering roles in healing centres

2005- 2016- Various senior management roles in leading luxury companies including Quintessentially, Scott Dunn, Salamanca Group.

2005- Ba Hons Sociology Newcastle University


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