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Amy White
Founder of Temple of the Feminine  

''I am very particular in what I engage in and I can tell you that I fully believe in the healing magick and the gifts that Amelia possesses- She gave me the best yoni healing I have ever recieved!''

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Sabi Kerr
Self Love Coach & Business Mentor 

''Amelia offers deep, sacred work and she is so incredibly gifted. I couldn’t imagine a better person to explore this with than Amelia!''

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Fiona McCoss
Women's Empowerment Mentor 

''Amelia's intuitive touch and skill made the three hour experience feel like a powerful and beautiful body celebration - I never wanted it to end... I can't recommend this incredible womxn enough!"

I specialise in creating safe and sacred spaces for the healing and awakening of your mind, body, 

spirit & sex.

With over 10 years experience in making the impossible, possible, I guide clients to heal the past, explore their inner world and expand into their true self.

Whether we work together in a power hour, a 3 hour in person healing session or 3 month radical transformation programme, you will quickly and easefully alchemise your lead into gold so that you can live an expansive, exciting and connected life.

I work with clients who are experiencing challenges with:









I work online and in-person in North London.

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Did you know that your body is a pleasure playground, your pleasure is your very own inner pharmacy and your sexual energy is your super power?

Yes, your body and energy are THAT magical, infact, when you get to know your true nature, i'm positive that your socks will be well and truly blown off (mine certianly were).

We haven't had a great education or introduction to these magnificent FREE resources #gottalovecapitalismandthepatriarchy, however there is a marvellous revolution happening and I am extremely delighted be your guide.


I guide curious humans to alchemise the dark stuff* that no one talks about into the light stuff* that everyone raves about so they can fully explore and experience this one wild and magnificent life.  

Dark Stuff = Shame, trauma, fear, judgement, limiting beliefs, unhelpful patterns, toxic behaviour, depression, anxiety.

Light stuff = Pleasure, intimacy, connection, bliss, freedom, love, expansion.

''When we explore deeply into our bodies and release the emotional, energetic, and physical contractions that block the free flowing of our life force, something incredible happens: our aliveness awakens. 


We feel ourselves fully, maybe for the first time in this lifetime.''

Seren & Azra Bertrand.

Watch over 20 episodes of 'Tea with Amelia' on many topics around sexuality, spirituality, relationships, and personal development.